City Centre Bus Plan City Centre Bus Plan

The proposed City Centre Bus Plan sets out the approach Auckland Transport aims to take in planning for buses in Auckland’s city centre to help deliver the outcomes of the City Centre Masterplan (CCMP).

About the City Centre Bus Plan

The objective of the City Centre Bus Plan is to make the buses, the transport system and the city centre better for all Aucklanders. Once finalised it will be delivered in the next 5-10 years.

The bus network in Auckland has undergone many changes in the past five years, and patronage has improved significantly as a result. However, in some ways the bus system has been a victim of its own success; there are now more people taking the bus, meaning there are more bus services needing to travel through (and stop in) the city centre. At the same time, there is increasing demand on all road space in the city centre, as more pedestrians, cyclists and deliveries take place.

Auckland Transport has developed this proposed plan to ensure that the bus network can continue to operate into the future and meet the needs of the city. This plan will help deliver the outcomes of the CCMP, which prioritises the city centre as a place for people, so we can all enjoy a safe, healthy and well-connected city.

This plan has a three-step approach:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Creating dedicated bus corridors along Customs Street and Wellesley Street.

This will enable 50% more people to travel on buses through the city centre as compared with today.

Developing off-street bus facilities that bring bus services closer together.

This will allow passengers to catch buses in safety and comfort with short walks between stops.

Changing bus routes so they run through the city centre, instead to just to the city centre.

This would improve air quality, and free up at least 1 kilometre of kerbside space in the city centre for people to use and enjoy.

Download the City Centre Bus Plan (PDF 6.9MB)

Download the PDF text-only version of the City Centre Bus Plan (PDF 260KB)

Download the Word text-only version of the City Centre Bus Plan (Word 46KB)


We asked for your feedback on the proposed City Centre Bus Plan, specifically if you think it will help contribute to the objectives of the City Centre Masterplan. Feedback was open from 5 July to 24 October 2021. The consultation received 149 responses.

Download the City Centre Bus Plan Consultation Summary and Decisions Report (PDF 271KB)

Next steps

- Delivery of Business Case 2022-2024.

- Future consultations on detailed implementation plans 2022 onwards.

Bus Reference Case 2020

Auckland’s City Centre Bus Plan is guided by the Bus Reference Case 2020.


The purpose of the Bus Reference Case (BRC) is to provide a "single point of reference" on the future of the bus network in the Auckland city centre in 2021, 2025 (post-CRL opening) and 2028 horizon years.

This 2020 update to the Bus Reference Case supersedes the previous 2016 version.

A number of key factors in the city centre have changed since 2016:

  • The update reflects the major bus network changes that have taken place in the city centre since 2016.
  • The update reflects future planning changes within the city centre, including the City Centre Masterplan, which was refreshed in March 2020.
  • Proposals are draft working proposals, and subject to broader community and stakeholder engagement.
  • A public facing White Paper is under development and this will sit above the Bus Reference Case document.
  • The proposals in this document are subject to planning and development approvals including the AT board.
  • The proposals in this document are subject to funding and business case approvals including Waka Kotahi, AT Board and other funders and stakeholders.


The key objective of this document is to be the starting point for all city centre transport and land use planning, to help ensure a single source of truth and present the following scenarios:

  • 2021 - CRL peak construction: Victoria Street closed.
  • 2025 - CRL open.
  • 2028 - CRL open and future network changes.

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