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Selling or renting your mooring Selling or renting your mooring

What you need to know about selling or renting your mooring in Auckland and find out how to list your mooring on the AT website.

When selling or renting your mooring

  • You must notify us when you rent your mooring and when it is vacated.
  • You can only rent a mooring for a maximum of 6 months.
  • You cannot rent/sublease a mooring in a waiting list area.
  • The new owner's vessel must be suitable for the mooring site.
  • All rentals/subleases must be approved by the Harbourmaster's office.
  • Your listing will be removed automatically after 6 months.

How to list your mooring for sale or rent

We provide a free service to list moorings for sale or rent on our website.

There are two options to apply to have your mooring listed:

Option 1: Apply online

Fill out the online application form:

Apply to list your mooring for sale or rent

Option 2: Post your application

Print a hard copy of the Moorings for sale/rent website application form (PDF 81KB) and send it by post to:

Harbourmaster's office
Auckland Transport
Private Bag 92250
Auckland 1142

Note: We cannot accept applications over the phone.

What happens next

After receiving your application form, the Harbourmaster's office will enter the details on the website at their earliest opportunity.

Other ways to advertise your mooring

  • The NZ Herald boating section.
  • Trade Me.
  • Local boating club notice boards.
  • Local newspapers.

Once your mooring has been sold or rented

  1. You (the original owner) must advise the Harbourmaster's office to remove the listing from the website by emailing
  2. If you have: