School buses to Forrest Hill Primary

  • 051 : Sunnynook to Westlake Schools
    Departs: 7:55am
    Operator: NZ Bus
    Serving: Carmel College , Forrest Hill Primary , Westlake Boys , Westlake Girls
    Route: 12 Juniper Rd (3322), Sunset Rd, Sycamore Dr, Sunnynook Road, East Coast Rd, Forrest Hill Rd, Quebec Rd, Nile Rd, Alma Rd, Shakespeare Road, Shakespeare Rd outside Carmel College, Wairau Rd, Shakespeare Road Extension by Westlake Girls, Forrest Hill Rd, Opp 53 Forrest Hill Rd (Westlake Boys), 44 Forrest Hill Rd (Forrest Hill Primary) (3232)
    Notes: Last updated 11 October 2018