Auckland Transport

School buses to Otahuhu Intermediate

  • 041 : Mangere to Otahuhu Schools
    Departs: 7.50am
    Operator: Go Bus
    Serving: Fairburn Primary , McAuley High , Otahuhu College , Otahuhu Intermediate , Otahuhu Primary , St Josephs School (Otahuhu)
    Route: Robertson, Wakefield, Harania, Favona, Robertson, McKinstry, Garus, Wickman Way, Tennessee, Blake, Vine, Massey, Mangere, Middlemore, Golf, Otahuhu College (stop and turn around in school grounds), Golf, Mangere, Awa, Nikau, Station, Otahuhu Primary, Great South, Princes, Church, Luke, Otahuhu Intermediate, Albert, Princes, Church, McAuley High School (St Josephs School students to alight here), High, Hutton, Fairburn, Fairburn Primary.
    Notes: Last updated 30 October 2016
  • 035 : Mt Wellington to Otahuhu College
    Departs: 8.05am
    Operator: Go Bus
    Serving: Fairburn Primary , Otahuhu Intermediate , Otahuhu Primary
    Route: Opp 5 Panama Rd, McLennan, Panama, Jolson, Panama, Mt Wellington Highway, Atkinson, Luke, (Otahuhu Intermediate), Albert, Avenue, Church, (McAuley High), High, Hutton, (St Joseph’s School), Fairburn, (Fairburn School), Great South, Mangere, (Otahuhu College) Awa, Nikau, Station (to stop outside Otahuhu Primary)
    Notes: Last updated 23 January 2017

School buses from Otahuhu Intermediate

  • 012 : Otahuhu Intermediate to Mangere Town Centre
    Departs: 3.15pm
    Operator: Go Bus
    Serving: McAuley High , Otahuhu Intermediate
    Route: Otahuhu Intermediate, Luke, Albert, Princes, Church, McAuley High (approx 3.20pm), Church, High, Hutton, Fairburn, Great South, Mangere, Massey, Vine, Blake, Tennessee, Wickman Way, Garus, McKinstry, Robertson, Bader
    Notes: Last updated 30 October 2016
  • 017 : Otahuhu Schools to Mt Wellington
    Departs: 2.55pm
    Operator: Go Bus
    Serving: Otahuhu Intermediate , St Josephs School (Otahuhu)
    Route: Fairburn Primary, Fairburn, Church, Avenue, Mason, Station, Otahuhu School (3.10pm), Great South, Princes, Atkinson, Luke, Otahuhu Intermediate (3.15pm) Luke, Albert, Princes, Atkinson, Mt Wellington Highway, Panama, McLennan, Panama, Jolson, Panama, Hillside, Walters, Parry, New Brighton to corner Atkinson Ave
    Notes: Last updated 30 October 2016