Walk to school day Walk to school day

Step out for a healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly way to get to school. Join in the fun by letting your feet do the talking this 24 March 2021.

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The annual ‘Walk to School Day’ returns for the second time ever on 24 March 2021. Join other parents and school students of all ages as we make a change to get more active in the mornings and afternoons and walk to and from school. Whether you walk as a family or as a group of mates, whether you walk all of the way or part of the way, whether you walk or ride – give it a try.

Join the fun

  • Children learn more by walking to school – they discover their environment and all the magic that brings. They learn about road safety and skills for independence
  • Walking the kids to school is a special time for parents – It’s a time you will both always remember
  • Walking to school means your children get more exercise
  • Whether you walk, ride or scoot to school, it’s a lot more enjoyable than sitting in a traffic jam.

Do the right thing

  • Lead by example and be sustainable - a simple step can lead to a big change. Every time you walk instead of driving helps the environment
  • Let’s work towards safer communities and Auckland Transport's Vision Zero goal. Every car off the road increases the safety of children walking to school
  • Help clear up the congestion around school gates and leave the car at home.

Learn more about road safety around schools to make sure everybody stays safe.

If you are a parent

If you don’t want your child going alone for their first time walking to school, ask your employer if you can take an extra hour getting there in the morning. Make sure you know your child arrives safely.

Check with grandparents or other relatives, maybe they would enjoy spending time walking with your children that day.

Just because the day ends doesn’t mean you should stop – walk to school every day if you can.

Let us know if you are lacing up your shoes this March 24