Free scooter safety check Free scooter safety check

Come to our free scooter safety check

To help you and other riders stay safe on the roads, Auckland Transport is offering you a free scooter check. Register your interest on our Facebook page at the event that best suits you below:

Scooter event Nov 2017

In November 2017 we ventured into the Auckland community accompanied by a mechanic, with the aim of helping Aucklanders check the safety of their scooters.
We found that a large number of scooters had at least one bald or otherwise expired tyre, and most scooters had under or over inflated tyres. Several scooters had loose, notchy or completely worn out steering head-bearings which are extremely important safety issues and directly affect how the scooter handles.

You are required by law to make sure that your:

  • moped is fitted with equipment that complies with the law.
  • moped is maintained in a safe operating condition.
  • headlamps are working and on whenever you are driving.

If you don’t you could put yourself and others in danger. Worse yet, you could get a fine or be taken to court.

Find out more about scooter safety and how to protect yourself