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Matiatia improvements Matiatia improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is replacing some of the infrastructures at Mātiatia. This will provide long-lasting facilities here, now and into the future with improvements to accessibility once stage three has been completed. 

Project status: Construction - last updated May 2022.
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Mātiatia's main wharf is the gateway to Waiheke Island and the second busiest ferry terminal after Downtown. Making sure that Waiheke’s ferry infrastructure is maintained for the use that it sees now and into the future is the role of AT. 

In 2017, detailed condition assessments of the main wharf at Mātiatia indicated that elements of its substructure were nearing the end of their life.  

Design and planning for the main wharf’s renewal work are underway and site works are expected to start in mid to late June 2022. During the on-site construction period, ferry services will be relocated to the old wharf. 

As part of the planning, AT identified some amendments that were completed to the old wharf at Mātiatia so it could be used as a substitute berthing location for Waiheke ferries while renewal work is carried out on the main wharf. This work was completed in 2020 with some additional requests being addressed during July and August 2021. 

Project details

Work to renew the main wharf at Mātiatia

In mid to late June 2022, AT will start work onsite to renew the main wharf at Mātiatia. This follows on from the first stage of work completed previously to the old wharf in preparation for stage two of the renewal project.  

Stage two of the Mātiatia renewal project will see the replacement of the pontoon and gangway infrastructure for the southern berth. A final stage three of the project will see new pontoons and gangways for the northern berth. These will be larger than what currently exists in order to achieve better accessibility at all tides. 

AT’s contractors will be building the replacement structure off-site to minimise disruption as much as possible and aim to start work on-site in mid to late June 2022. It’s expected to take approximately eight weeks to complete. 

AT’s contractors will be building the replacement structure off-site to minimise disruption as much as possible. This project is extremely complex with very tight tolerances requiring the positioning to be more accurate than usual industry tolerance standards. The project team is working through all options and methodology to manage these site risks as much as practically possible but with piling and a project that will effectively become a big jigsaw puzzle to fix it all together when on site. There is always potential site works could extend past 8 weeks. The team will do everything they can to try be off site as quickly as possible and have the ferry services return to the main wharf.

The detailed design is still to be completed for the northern berth so the physical works for the northern berth build are not expected until 2023.

Please be aware, this site has regular monitoring and if engineers determine there are any safety concerns, the main wharf will be closed prior to work starting and all ferry services will move to the old wharf.  

The renewal of the main wharf includes: 

  • Replacing the pontoon 
  • Installing a new hydraulic platform 
  • Installing a new fixed landing platform 
  • Removing and then reinstalling the upper gangway – minor modifications 
  • New lower gangways for the southern berth 

Not included in this project or the main wharf renewal project: 

  • Upgrading the ferry terminal on the main wharf 
  • No additional connections between the old wharf and the main wharf – the project is a renewal and solely focused on replacing the southern berth infrastructure 
  • No additional berths – this is not a CAPEX improvement project 

What the work means for you 

AT will be building the replacement structure for the main wharf off-site to minimise disruption as much as possible.  

For this work to happen safely, we will need to close the main wharf. When this happens, all ferry services will be relocated to the old wharf. Temporary shelter, new AT Hop machines and signage will be installed on the old wharf. The project team are doing everything they can to begin and complete the works before the busy summer period and New Zealand’s international borders reopen in October 2022.

Image shows key areas of the Mātiatia works

Work to renew the old wharf at Matiatia 

Work has been completed on the old wharf to ensure it is able to be used as an alternative berth for Waiheke’s ferries when the main wharf needs to be temporarily closed during its renewal works. 

The work included: 

  • Four new concrete-filled, steel piles embedded 4 meters into the underlying rock. 
  • A new steel pontoon. 
  • Adding float boxes at each end of the existing pontoon increase its buoyancy. 
  • New fender piles extend the life of the structure and provide added protection from damage. 
  • Flipping the existing gangway to face the other direction, on the same side of the wharf, to allow ferries to safely berth. 
  • Removing a section of the wharf’s deck to allow the gangway to fit after it is flipped. 
  • Adding a new platform and ramp structure so that the wharf is safely accessible for all users. 

Matiatia ferry terminal toilets work

The construction of new toilets at the Matiatia ferry terminal has now been completed.  

The new facilities include: 

  • A new women’s toilet building will house seven toilets and three washbasins. 
  • Converting the existing male/female facility to men’s only toilets with three toilets, four urinals and three basins. 
  • A new unisex toilet with a washbasin. 
  • A new accessible toilet with a washbasin. 


Main wharf project: 

  • Mid to late June 2022 - works to renew the main wharf begin
  • Old wharf project - completed 
  • Ferry terminal toilets project - completed  

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