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Matiatia improvements Matiatia improvements

Over the next 12 months, Auckland Transport is improving some of the infrastructure at Matiatia. This will provide improved facilities here, now and into the future.

Project status: Construction - last updated 9 January 2021.
Project zone: Central

Project overview

In 2017, detailed condition assessments of the main wharf at Matiatia indicated that elements of its substructure were nearing the end of their life.

The design and planning for the main wharf’s renewal work is underway and is expected to start in mid-2021. During the on-site construction period, there may be times when ferry services need to be redirected to the old wharf at Matiatia.

As part of our planning for this, Auckland Transport has identified some amendments that are required to the old wharf at Matiatia so that it can be used as a substitute berthing location for Waiheke ferries during the temporary outages at the main wharf.

Auckland Transport has appointed marine maintenance contractor, STF, to complete the work on the old wharf.

In a separate project, starting in November 2020, AT will be expanding the number of toilets available to users of the Matiatia ferry terminal. The number will grow from seven to twelve toilets and two to four urinals.

Project details

Work to renew the old wharf at Matiatia

In mid-October 2020, work will start on the old wharf to ensure it is able to be used an an alternative berth for Waiheke’s ferries in case the main wharf needs to be temporarily closed during its renewal works starting in mid-2021.

The work includes:

  • Four new concrete-filled, steel piles embedded 4 meters into the underlying rock.
  • A new steel pontoon.
  • Adding float boxes at each end of the existing pontoon to increase its buoyancy.
  • New fender piles to extend the life of the structure and provide added protection from damage.
  • Flipping the existing gangway to face the other direction, on the same side of the wharf, to allow ferries to safely berth.
  • Removing a section of the wharf’s deck to allow the gangway to fit after it is flipped.
  • Adding a new platform and ramp structure so that the wharf is safely accessible for all users.

The work on the old wharf is expected to to finish mid-December 2020, subject to no unforeseen circumstances arising or adverse weather conditions impacting on the programme timeframe, in time for the peak summer season.

The northern side of the old wharf will remain available for public use throughout the renewal work.

The following are not included in the renewal work for either the main or old wharves:

  • upgrading ferry terminal on the main wharf;
  • additional connections between the old wharf and the main wharf;
  • additional berths.

Currently, there is no plan to add shelter to the old wharf as part of this work.

However, when the project team has a better idea of the construction methodology and timeframes for work on the main wharf, this may be revisited to determine if, and what type of, temporary shelter may need to be provided.

Marine maintenance contractor, STF, has been appointed to carry out the work on the old wharf.

In early to mid-October, STF will take possession of the site and fencing will go up on site. At this time, the southern berths of the old wharf will not be available for use until the work ends in mid-December. The northern side of the wharf will remain available to use. Signage will be put in place to advise people about the works.

Matiatia wharf improvements map

Matiatia ferry terminal toilets work

The Matiatia ferry terminal is the primary port for visitors arriving and departing from Waiheke. The terminal and facilities were last upgraded in 2004. Since then, passenger numbers have increased to a level that the existing toilet facilities no longer cater for the volume of passengers that come to Waiheke and patrons endure long waiting times for facilities. This is more pronounced during the peak summer period.
The construction of new toilets at the Matiatia ferry terminal will start on site in early November.

The new facilties include:

  • A new women’s toilet building that will house seven toilets and three wash basins.
  • Converting the existing male/female facility to men’s only toilets with three toilets, four urinals and three basins.
  • A new unisex toilet with a wash basin.
  • A new accessible toilet with a wash basin.

The start date for the work is expected to be in early November 2020.

Construction duration is expected to take 14 weeks. During construction the existing toilets will be renovated at the same time as the new toilets are constructed. Once construction starts, alternative temporary toilets will be provided for patrons and staff. The bicycle stands will be relocated to an agreed location.

What the work means for you

While the old wharf is being altered, the northern side of the old wharf will remain open for use. The southern side will be closed throughout the work period. The closure will allow the important structural changes to be completed safely.

During the work to renew the toilet facilities, some noise will be generated from the construction activities but it will not be anything excessive.

There should not be any impact on buses as a result of either project. The toilet construction site will be cordoned off so that people using the bus will be separated from the construction activity. Deliveries will be managed around the bus schedule and this will be covered by a Traffic Management Plan.

After the work is complete

At the conclusion of the work, people won’t see much of a difference at the old wharf as the changes are largely to allow the gangway to be flipped. However, this does mean that people using the southern pontoon on the old wharf will exit onto the seaward end of the wharf, instead of exiting near the footpath and terminal area, as per the current arrangement.

There will also be a new ramp and platform structure to help people get onto and off ferries safely.

The work means that ferries can berth here in case the main wharf needs to be temporarily closed during its renewal works in 2021.

Once the work on the toilets at the ferry terminal is complete, the number of toilets will have increased from 7 to 12, which will result in shorter waiting times.


Old wharf project:

  • Early to mid-October – work starts.
  • Mid to late December – works ends.

Ferry terminal toilets project:

  • Early November – work starts on the new toilets.
  • End February – works on new and existing toilets complete.

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