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New Network for Warkworth New Network for Warkworth

We are planning to implement new bus services for Warkworth later in 2018, as part of the launch of the North New Network.

The new buses will continue to serve the area currently served by the Kowhai Connection, and will include a new direct bus service from Warkworth to Hibiscus Coast Station near Silverdale. All new services will run 7 days a week.

A comprehensive information campaign to inform local residents about Warkworth’s new bus network will be carried out several weeks before it is launched, including a brochure mailed to every household and a public information event.

More information regarding the new routes will be published on this website in June.


During July and August 2014, Auckland Transport ran a survey to investigate the public transport requirements of Warkworth residents. We received 396 submissions.

At the time of the survey, results indicated that there was not enough community demand for a public transport service between Warkworth and the Hibiscus Coast.

However, AT recognises the rapid development that is now taking place in Warkworth and on the Kowhai Coast, and the need for quality transport links. Additionally, the Northern Express service from Auckland City and the North Shore has been extended to Hibiscus Coast Station. There is now a stronger case for a bus service between Warkworth and Hibiscus Coast Station.

The implementation of a new bus network for the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast presented the opportunity to launch the Warkworth new bus network at the same time.

Consultation summary

Feedback from the survey showed that the most desirable destinations were the Hibiscus Coast, followed by Warkworth town centre, and then Auckland city centre.

When asked how often people would use a service to connect them to the Hibiscus Coast and Auckland:

  • 17% of respondents (68 people) said they would use it daily.
  • 16.5% (65 people) said they would use it one to four times a week.
  • 28% (111 people) said they would use it two or three times a month.
  • 34% (135 people) said they would use it once a month or less.
  • The remaining 2 per cent didn’t answer or wouldn’t use it at all.

Below is a graph of the times of day people said they would use a service to Hibiscus Coast Station.

What times do you estimate you would use a service to Hibiscus Coast Station?

Graph indicating times customers would use a service to Hibiscus Coast Station

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