Buckland Road, Mangere – Intersection upgrade Buckland Road, Mangere – Intersection upgrade

Proposal status: Feedback closed 17 October 2019, last updated 17 January 2019.

Reference number: RI1819-002

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In October 2019, we proposed to upgrade the intersection of Buckland Road and Wickman Way in Māngere. Recommended changes included:

  • new traffic signals on all legs of the intersection, including pedestrian crossing facilities to enable safer walking trips in the area; 
  • the removal of two trees to create space for these new traffic lights, and ensure the lights can be clearly seen from a distance; 
  • replacement of the left-turn slip lane onto Wickman Way with a left-turn lane controlled by the new traffic lights. This considered safer, and reduces the amount of times pedestrians have to cross a road;
  • moving the cycle lane on the northern side of Buckland Road onto a shared path, which is separated from car traffic;
  • a new speed table and changes to the kerb at the entrance to the service lane on Buckland Road. This will reduce vehicle speeds and narrow the pedestrian crossing distance, making it much safer for people for people to cross;
  • new broken yellow lines parking restrictions on Wickman Way. These are proposed to keep the two lanes approaching the intersection clear for moving traffic, and to allow for buses to safely enter and exit the bus stops on this road;
  • broken yellow lines to be added at locations on Buckland Road where it is currently already illegal to park, such as within cycle lanes, to further highlight these existing restrictions.

Our proposal responded to a request from Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae for safer crossing options for schoolchildren in the area. It also addressed safety concerns regarding the high risk of crashes at this intersection. The proposed changes are expected to significantly improve safety for all people travelling through this intersection.

Download the proposal drawing for Buckland Road (PDF 3MB) 

Proposal outcome

We have made minor changes to the design based on community feedback. Changes include reducing the number of parking restrictions on Wickman Way and moving the bus stop on Wickman Way closer to the intersection. This is to help support access for school buses and the pickup and drop-off of school children. To accommodate this change, we will move the bus stop closer to the intersection with minimal impact to the traffic flow at the intersection.

Download the updated proposal drawing for Buckland Road (PDF 2.6MB)

Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • Request for additional cycling facilities such as separation between people on bicycles, people walking, and traffic lanes.
    We have investigated the possibility of providing separated cycle lanes. Unfortunately, due to the limited space available this would involve reducing the number of traffic lanes or reducing the width of the traffic lanes. Buckland Road is a busy main road, reducing traffic lanes on this road would also cause delays to motorists and prevent larger vehicles from turning at the intersection. Another solution would be to separate the existing width we have available for the shared path, however this would unfortunately create a situation where the width of the footpath and cycle path would both individually be less than the minimum required width for either of them. For these reasons, our proposed combined markings are the most suitable option in this situation.
  • Enquiry about the possibility of a roundabout which supports people on bicycles.
    We considered a roundabout as part of our investigation process however, we discovered that a roundabout would provide less benefits for people crossing. An intersection with a signalised pedestrian crossing provides more safety for vulnerable road users and is consistent with nearby intersections.
  • Concern about disregard for the parking restrictions of the broken yellow lines. Suggests an alternative of using bollards in the berm to prevent parking infringements.
    Our observations have shown that because of the cycle lanes on Buckland Road, placing bollards here would have little effect on parking infringement issues. Our Community Transport team will be working to increase education and safe driver behaviour around the school area to help tackle this issue.
  • Concern about increased traffic caused by adding another signalised crossing.
    We have investigated the traffic flow in this area and the proposed intersection should have substantial safety benefits for all road users and is not expected to significantly affect traffic congestion in this area.

Next steps

These works are planned between February 2020 – July 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.