A safer Dominion Road for all A safer Dominion Road for all

As part of Auckland’s Vision Zero strategy, Auckland Transport (AT) is aiming to bring the number of deaths and serious injuries for people on motorcycles and cycles down to zero.

Part of this work is addressing motorcycle and cycle safety in Auckland, with a safety improvements trial at 11 side road intersections off Dominion Road.

Smart signage (which will light-up when detecting turning vehicles, motorcycles and cycles) will be used during the trial. This will provide warnings to road users approaching the intersection. The smart signage went live on Monday 14 March.

Mayor Phil Goff supports the trial.

“Deaths and serious injuries on our roads cause immense trauma to those involved and impose significant social and economic costs on our communities,” he says.

“This trial aims to make our roads safer for all users and encourage drivers to take extra precautions around intersections to keep people on bikes and motorbikes safe.”

AT chose Dominion Road because most motorcycle related trauma has been recorded over the past five years on similar roads; busy arterial routes with turning traffic and bus lanes.

Phase one of the trial includes five busy intersections between the Countdown supermarket And Farro Fresh supermarket.

The five intersections included in phase one of this trial are: Bellwood Avenue, Ewington Avenue, Prospect Terrace, Burnley Terrace, and Paice Avenue.

AT’s Michael Brown, road safety engineering manager, reiterates that Dominion Road was chosen for the trial due the high instances of crashes caused by turning traffic across bus lanes.

“These type of crashes account for 51 per cent of motorcycle crashes in the urban environment.”

There will be no loss of on-street car parking because of the trial.

See more at: https://at.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/dominion-road-motorcycle-safety-trial