Bikes & public transport Bikes & public transport

Taking a bike on public transport increases the amount of places across Auckland you can access on two wheels. Many public transport stations or terminals have some form of bike parking, but your bike can often travel with you.

Taking your bike on public transport

Taking your bike on the ferry

Bikes and scooters travel free with any fare-paying passenger on most services, subject to available space. Bikes are not permitted on the West Harbour Ferry, Harbour Cruise or any services to Department of Conversation (DOC) managed islands which include; Rangitoto Island, Rotoroa Island, Tiritiri Matangi Island, Motutapu Island and Motuihe Island.

To load your bike on the ferry, wheel it on and look for the bike racks or hooks. Using these storage options reduces the risk of your bike falling and causing damage or injury. If there is no available storage, then you can lean your bike against a rail or stand out the way with it. If unsure then observe what other people with bikes do, or ask the ferry staff for assistance.

E-bikes and e-scooters need to be stored on the back deck of the vessel. Due to safety reasons they can’t be stored inside of the cabin because of their lithium batteries.

Taking your bike on the train

Bikes can be taken on trains free of charge provided there is enough space, and at the discretion of on board staff if it is busy.

Note: Avoid travelling with bikes at peak times. Folding bikes may be taken on board at any time if folded and stored under a seat.

When taking bikes onto the train, board the middle carriage of each 3 car train (second and fifth carriage of 6 car trains)

To assist passengers with bikes, platform markings have been installed at stations to help you board the central carriages with automatic ramps.

Pram & Bike train station platform marking
Image: Green platform markings at the station, indicating where to board the train for passengers with bikes or prams.

Taking your bike on the bus

Bikes are not permitted on any of Auckland's bus services, unless it's a folding bike.

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