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Parking reviews Parking reviews

Auckland Transport is committed to delivering parking when and where it is needed.

About parking reviews

We use a flexible demand-based approach to review parking restrictions and pricing.

When parking demand reaches a point where time restrictions are not being effective we will recommend priced parking that is based on demand responsive pricing.

A price review is the process of changing the price charged in paid parking areas through demand responsive pricing (ie where the amount is adjusted based on parking demand).

Pricing will be adjusted up or down with the goal of maintaining an average 85% occupancy at peak times. An occupancy range of 70 to 90% is considered an acceptable range. The target parking occupancy rate is not set at 100% because some parking spaces should be available at all times. An occupancy rate of approximately 85% ensures that parking resources are well used but at the same time people can find a park in reasonable proximity to their destination.

A price review is based on a parking occupancy survey, which is conducted to ascertain if prices needs to be adjusted to achieve the desired level of peak occupancy level of 85%.

Find out more about AT's parking strategy.


  • Improve the availability of parking for customers and visitors.
  • Reduce the congestion caused by vehicles circulating looking for a vacant parking space.

List of parking reviews

Eden Terrace paid parking zone price review

We have an occupancy survey in August 2017 during two weekdays and a weekend of the paid parking zone currently operating in the Eden Terrace, the results show:

  • The average peak occupancy for the Eden Terrace paid parking zone during the weekdays was 96 percent.
  • The survey demonstrated that five out of seven streets within the zone displayed the average peak occupancy of 85 percent and above.
  • It was also noted that the average length of stay within the zone was approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Review outcome

In March 2018, we retained the existing hourly price of $1 per hour for the first two hours parking (0 to 2 hours), and for stays longer than two hours (2+ hours) changed to an hourly price of $2 per hour, which applies Monday to Friday from 9am and 5pm.

This will prioritise short-term parking over all-day parking.

Map of Eden Terrace paid parking zone

Kingsland paid parking zone & off street carpark price review

We undertook an occupancy survey in March 2018 of the paid parking area operating in Kingsland during two weekdays and a weekend. The key results revealed in the survey were:

  • The average peak occupancy for the Kingsland paid parking zone was 95%.
  • The average peak occupancy for the carpark at 430 New North road was 96%.

Review outcome

On 30 August 2018, we changed the hourly tariff from $1 to $2 for first two hours parking (0 to 2 hours), no changes were made to the tariff for parking more than two hours (2+ hours), this remained at $4 per hour, which applies Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm to the paid parking zone and the carpark at 430 New North Road.

Kingsland - Paid parking zone and carpark map

The tariff will bring the Kingsland paid parking areas in line with other zones operating in the region and it will encourage other modes of transport by switching few people from their car trips to alternative mode of transport, thereby improving overall parking availability in the town centre.

Newmarket paid parking zone price review

AT undertook an occupancy survey in November 2016 of the paid parking zone during two weekdays and a weekend. The key results revealed in the survey were:

  • The average peak occupancy of 81 percent.
  • The average length of parking of 3 hours.
  • More than 50 percent of streets in the Newmarket parking zone displayed a peak occupancy of above 85 percent.

Review outcome

While the peak occupancy of the entire zone is slightly below of what we would normally view as fully occupied 85%, but the average peak occupancy of 81% is a reflection of lower occupancy in the fringe outer streets of the zone (eg Clovernook Road and Mahuru Street), while the central inner streets (eg Kent Teed and Morrow Streets) were fully above the 85% figure.

With the cycleway on Carlton Gore and with the upgraded footpaths on Teed and Kent Streets, there may be further pressure on parking as demand for parking increases in Newmarket.

In response, we changed the price for on-street parking in November 2017.

Area Time & date of operation 0-2 hours 2+ hours
Area 1 Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm $2 per hour $4 per hour
Area 2 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm $1 per hour $2 per hour

Newmarket paid parking zone map

Parnell residential parking zone

We worked with local communities and businesses to identify their needs. People in the Parnell area told us that a lot of on-street parking is used by commuters, meaning there is less available for local residents and businesses. Introducing a residential parking zone in Parnell will prioritise on-street parking for residents, local businesses and visitors.

Read more about the results from our public engagement for the Parnell residential parking zone.

We undertook a number of parking occupancy surveys, which indicate that many of the streets to the west of Gladstone Road and St Stephens Avenue have peak occupancy levels of over 85% and streets to the east between 70% and 84%.

Review outcome

We received good support for the residential parking zone with a significant call for a minor boundary change to include St Georges Bay Road. This residential parking zone was implemented in December 2017.

Get full details about the Parnell residential parking zone and how to apply for a permit.

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