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New Network for East Auckland

The New Network for East Auckland has been approved and we have finalised the bus routes.

We plan to implement the new network in late 2017/early 2018, depending on the outcome of the tendering process and the provision of essential infrastructure.

Summary of responses

We sought feedback on the proposed New Network for east Auckland between 1 October and 14 December 2015.

In total, we received 1171 responses from individuals and organisations through various feedback channels.

What you told us

On the question of whether you supported the proposed network or not, 46% were in support, 35% were opposed, and 18% were neutral.

Feedback and decisions

Changes made as a result of feedback

Fifteen routes were proposed for consultation in east Auckland. As a result of feedback, we have changed 10 route paths and the hours of operation or frequency for 8 routes, removed 2 routes, and added 2 new routes. The final network is made up of 15 routes.

Proposed New Network for East Auckland

East Auckland New Network Proposed Map Small

Final New Network for East Auckland

East Auckland New Network Final Map Small

Other maps

How we reached final decisions

The feedback analysis process included:

  • Reading all pieces of feedback, and categorising them to produce statistics.
  • Investigating the points raised within the feedback, and making decisions based on the merit of the arguments explained.
  • Considering the practical and financial constraints.
  • Reviewing other data, including patronage, and performance figures.
  • Test driving alternative routes in a bus.

Final decisions aim to serve the public transport needs of the widest number of people possible within the community, taking on board their views expressed, while still being aligned with the principles of the New Network.

To find out why the below changes were made, refer to the detailed explanations in the consultation summary.

Final route numbers and changes made to them as a result of feedback

Route number Final New Network for East Auckland


  • Increased to Frequent route.


  • Changed to be main all-day route to City Centre from East Auckland.
  • Route will terminate at Botany. Routes 53a and 53b removed.
  • All day frequency increased.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.


  • Changed to terminate at Panmure, not continue to City Centre.
  • New 55x peak period express route to City Centre added.
  • 55a and 55b renumbered 55m and 55c respectively. Both branches to terminate at Botany.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.


  • Route extended from Ormiston to Manukau via Murphys Rd and Flat Bush School Rd.
  • Route to be altered in future to incorporate proposed future 356 route.
  • Route will no longer travel to Mission Heights.


  • Route changed to include Mission Heights.
  • Route to travel to/from Ormiston via Brookview Dr and Haddington Dr.
  • Route to travel via Kilkenny Dr and Dannemora Dr.


  • Removed route 561. Sections of route now served by routes 562 and 566.


  • Route increased to Connector service from peak-only service.
  • Route to travel via Macleans Rd and Priestley Dr.


  • Service will terminate at Otahuhu, not Onehunga.


  • 361a renumbered 361h.


  • Route changed to travel via full length of Union Rd, and then Cook St to Howick, not via Moore St.


  • Amended from Connector to Local service.


  • New trial service introduced from Bucklands Beach to Half Moon Bay.


  • Route changed to travel full length of Botany Rd, not via Lexington Dr and Highland Park Dr.
  • Route changed to travel via Prince Regent Dr to Half Moon Bay, not Bucklands Beach Rd and Sunderlands Rd.
  • Hours of operation extended to meet every ferry.


  • Route extended from Howick to Botany via Selwyn Rd, Cockle Bay, Meadowland Dr and Millhouse Dr.
  • Hours of operation extended to meet every ferry.

Hours of operation


Due to the scale of change, we will implement the New Network for Auckland in phases by area. Changes for East Auckland are planned for 2018. We will update these dates as they are confirmed.

In the run up to implementation of the New Network for East Auckland, we will run an extensive information campaign to inform you of the changes. New timetables will be available ahead of time so you can plan your journeys.


Consultation summary and decisions report

Download the consultation summary and decisions report (PDF 2.5MB)

A hard-copy of the report is available (from 6 July 2016) at service centres, libraries, and Local Board offices.

Consultation brochure

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