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Onewa Road - Clearway changes Onewa Road - Clearway changes

In response to local feedback, Auckland Transport (AT) propose new clearway options along Onewa Road which may offer improved traffic flow.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 13 December 2020.
Project zone: North

Project overview

Recent local feedback, including a petition from Northcote’s former local MP Dan Bidois has asked us to investigate some clearway options along Onewa Road.

The proposal aims to improve traffic flow outside of peak hours by removing parking on Onewa Road, by extending the clearway hours.

We have assessed the advantages of extending the clearway hours and have determined that it will offer little benefit to commuters at the expense of parking. However, given the strong support through the local MP petition, we are happy to consider it. We would first like to know your thoughts on this before considering any changes.

We are asking feedback on whether we keep clearway hours the same, extend the clearway to no parking at all times, extend the clearway to cover 7am to 7pm on weekdays, or extend the clearway to cover 7am to 7pm everyday.

With each option, the T3 lanes would remain unaffected with no change to operational hours.


  • 26 November 2020 - consultation opens.
  • 13 December 2020 - consultation closes.
  • December 2020 – March 2021 - Public feedback considered and report published.

Project details

We have heard concerns that parking along Onewa Road could be causing travel delays as vehicles have to move into the next lane to avoid parked vehicles. This only occurs off-peak as there are T3 lanes in place during peak hours to improve journeys during the busiest times.

We have looked closely at this and have found there might be marginal time savings if we extend the clearway hours. Travel speeds and congestion levels have mostly been shown to run smoothly out of peak hours however.

We are happy to maintain the current arrangement and would like your feedback on whether you would like us to consider changing this.

The four options we would like your feedback on are:

  • Option 1) Maintain the current parking arrangement on Onewa Road
    • Parking would still be available outside of peak hours when the T3 lanes aren’t operational.
  • Option 2) Extend the Onewa Road clearway to all hours
    • No vehicles would be able to park on Onewa Road at any time.
  • Option 3) Extend the clearway hours to run from 7am to 7pm on weekdays.
    • Vehicles would no longer be able to park on Onewa Road unless it’s after hours or during weekends.
  • Option 4) Extend the clearway hours to run from 7am to 7pm everyday
    • Vehicles would no longer be able to park on Onewa Road unless it is after hours.

Clearway changes to Onewa Road map.

Download the clearway changes to Onewa Road map (PDF 389KB).

Public consultation

Listening to what you have to say is important to us. Your local knowledge can help us make better decisions, so together we can achieve the best outcomes for your neighbourhood.

Feedback closed 13 December 2020

Next steps

  • We will analyse all of the feedback and use it to help refine the proposal.
  • We will prepare a report on the feedback received and any changes made to the proposal which will be published online. If you provided your contact details when giving us feedback, we will notify you when the report is available.

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