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Safe school streets Safe school streets

Auckland Transports Community Transport team are working closely with six schools to improve road safety in their local streets through our AT Safe School Streets pilot programme.

Project status: Implementation
Project zone: Region-wide

Project overview

Auckland Transport Safe School Streets looks at how infrastructure improvements, placemaking (the way we plan and design our streets), tactical urbanism (making low-cost temporary changes to our city) and behaviour change programmes can enhance safety and encourage active modes of transport for the school journey.

The vision of the project is to see an improvement in the street safety near school entrances for all road users, a increase in active school travel and a reduction in congestion.

Some of the key outcomes we are seeking are to reduce unsafe driving and parking behaviours at the school gate, to improve the acceptance and safety of our parking officers and reduce the time they need to spend at each school. the programme will also increase the visibility of school children and the school environment to road users in the area.

Effectiveness of measures will be evaluated at different stages as the pilot progresses across the six schools.


  • Safe School Streets will make it more difficult to park illegally near school entrances. 
  • Increase visibility of school children near the school. 
  • The school gate environment will become safer, and more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Reduced C02 emissions from vehicles parking near schools grounds could improve air quality for children walking to school.
  • The project will be supported with high quality education to increase active modes, and tailor it to the community needs.

Schools involved with pilot

There are six schools involved with this pilot, they are:

  • Willow Park Primary School - 13-17 Compton St, Hillcrest, Auckland.
  • Milford School - 34 Shakespeare Rd, Milford.
  • Sunnyhills School - 17 The Crest - Sunnyhills, Pakuranga.
  • Owairaka District School - 113-115 - Richardson Rd, Mount Albert.
  • Rutherford School (Primary and College) - 2 Kotuku St, Te Atatu Peninsula.
  • Mt Roskill (Primary, Intermediate and Grammar) - 13 Frost Rd, Mt Roskill.


  • May - Safe School Streets programme launch at Rutherford School.
  • July – Owairaka School one-day event.
  • August - consultation on Rutherford School proposals.
  • November - Rutherford interim phase introduced.
  • 20 November - Sunnyhills one day event.
  • First quarter 2020: Owairaka interim phase.

Project details – Rutherford and Sunnyhill Schools

Safe School Streets is progressing to the interim six-month phase for Rutherford, while Sunnyhill will have a one-day trial event.

Rutherford interim phase, November 2019 – early 2020 

Download the Rutherford interim phase plans (PDF 1MB).

  • Parking With the narrowing of Kotuku St the northern side of the street will become a ‘no stopping or parking zone’ for parents and students. This will significantly reduce the number of cars and turning movements on Kotuku St and make it safer for those walking, cycling and scooting. The parking restriction don’t apply to residents.
  • Drop off & pick up/ park and walk zones Pick up/drop off zones are located on the school side of Toru St and the top of Titoki and Karamu St to reduce vehicle congestion in and around the school gate. These zones will be separated by signage on the roadside berm (no student parking). There will also be park and walk zones on Gloria Ave and Old Te Atatu Rd.
  • New pedestrian crossings and speed calming measures New courtesy crossing locations are being tested at either end of Kotuku St. During this interim installation these will be raised courtesy crossings. These are not zebra crossings so pedestrians do not have priority over traffic, but they will slow vehicles and allow us to test the location.
  • Safe Walking streets: walking and cycling will be safer for students due to a reduction of vehicles passing the school gate.

Sunnyhills one-day event, Wednesday 20 November, 7.30am – 4.30pm

The third Safe School Streets one-day event is at Sunnyhills School. This involves:

    • drop off & pick up/park and walk zones: Pick up / drop off zones are located on The Crest Road, to reduce vehicle congestion in and around the school gate.
    • restricted parking on Fordyce Avenue and The Crest: On the event day, parking will be restricted on Fordyce Ave and The Crest for residents only.
    • safe walking streets: With less cars on Fordyce Ave and The Crest due to parking restrictions, walking will be safer for students walking and cycling.
    • pedestrian crossings: There will be new pedestrian crossings on The Crest and The Boulevard. This will allow students to cross the street safely to access the school gate.

Owairaka safe schools streets launch

Rutherford safe school streets launch

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