School buses to Aorere College

  • 461 : Middlemore Hospital to Papatoetoe Intermediate Via Wallace Rd
    Departs: 7:50am
    Operator: Go Bus
    Serving: Aorere College , Papatoetoe High , Papatoetoe Intermediate
    Route: Middlemore Hospital, Swaffield, Coronation, Shirley, St George, Station, Portage, Buckland, Cheviot, Raglan, Woburn, Portage, Claude, Ferndown, Pah, Hillside, Gifford, Wyllie, St George, Carruth, Allenby, Great South, Papatoetoe High, Great South, Grange, McCullough, Laureston, Great South, Papatoetoe Intermediate (to bus stop outside school grounds)
    Notes: Last updated 2 May 2022

School buses from Aorere College

  • 003 : Seventh Day Adventist Primary to Mangere Bridge
    Departs: 3:00pm
    Operator: Go Bus
    Serving: Aorere College , Holy Cross School (Papatoetoe) , Kedgley Intermediate , Seventh Day Adventist Primary
    Route: SDA Primary School (2344) , Carruth Rd, St Georges Rd, Straight into Station Rd, Portage Rd, Woburn St , Cramond Dr, Skipton Rd, Portage Rd , Self’s Rd , Caringbah Dr, Ferndown Ave , Claude Ave , Portage Rd , Woburn St , Raglan St , Cheviot St , Buckland Rd, Wickman Rd , Garus Ave, McKinstry Ave , Robertson Rd , Massey Rd , Into Kirkbride Rd, Mckenzie Rd, Coronation Rd , 17 Rimu Rd (6687) .
    Notes: Last updated 2 May 2022