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Eastern Busway Eastern Busway

The Eastern Busway is a rapid transit busway project that will create faster, more reliable and connected transport options for communities in east and south Auckland.

Lets get Auckland moving with the Eastern busway

Project overview

The Eastern Busway will significantly improve transport choices, reliability, and journey times in south-east Auckland and other parts of the region.

Once the busway is completed, you’ll be able to travel by bus and train between Botany and Britomart in 40 minutes, cutting more than one third off current journey times.

The busway will be supported by 3 new stations at Panmure, Pakuranga, and Botany, new cycling and walking connections, urban design enhancements, and improvements for general traffic such as advanced signalling at important intersections.

A grade separated intersection between Pakuranga Road and Waipuna Bridge to provide better travel options and reduce traffic congestion in the Pakuranga town centre.

Project status

Stage 1: Panmure Station and surrounding road upgrade – complete
Stage 2: Panmure to Pakuranga – nearing completion
Stage 3: Pakuranga to Botany – planning

Project zone: South-east.

Eastern Busway map

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Project details


  • Rapid transit time of 40 minutes from Botany to the city, improved reliability and 20 minutes faster than the current situation.
  • 3 new urban bus stations creating better access to other parts of Auckland.
  • A dedicated, reliable, high-frequency busway that will carry more than 7,500 passengers during peak hours between the new stations at Botany, Pakuranga and Panmure.
  • Safe transport connections for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, bus and train customers.
  • An improved connection between Pakuranga Road and Waipuna Bridge to provide better travel options and reduce traffic congestion in the town centre.
  • Placemaking and urban renewal initiatives to promote growth and development.
  • Social, health and economic benefits to south and east Auckland.
  • New and enhanced walking and cycling connections.
  • 2 new brides across Tāmaki River and Pakuranga Creek.


The size and scale of the Eastern Busway project means that it is being constructed in sections and it is due for completion in 2025. 

  • October 2020 - Alliance is formed.
  • Mid 2021 - Landowner, stakeholder and community consultation and discussion. This is where customers have the opportunity to understand the updated designs and how the project can impact their property or neighbourhood and provide feedback to us.
  • Late 2021 - Consenting process expected to begin.
  • 2022 - Enabling construction work begins.
  • 2025 - Construction completed in sections and targeted to open.

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Project stages

Ameti Aerial 294


This stage is completed and focused on the Panmure area: the new Panmure station and development of Te Horeta Road.

Panmure Basin 294

Panmure to Pakuranga

Stage 1 of the Eastern Busway focuses on the area from Panmure to Pakuranga town centre.

AMETI Pakuranga to Botany.jpg

Pakuranga to Botany Busway

Sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Eastern Busway runs between the intersection of Ti Rakau Drive/Pakuranga road and Botany Town Centre.

Sylvia Park Bus 294

Sylvia Park bus and cycling improvements

Improvements being made in the Sylvia Park area will create a new bus and cycling route.

Ameti Progress Panmure 294

Project updates & impacts to traffic

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