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Eastern Busway Eastern Busway

The Eastern Busway is a rapid transit project that will provide faster, more reliable and connected transport options for communities in east and south Auckland.

Eastern Busway header

Artist’s impression of the future Eastern Busway

Project overview

The Eastern Busway will connect Botany, Pakuranga and the surrounding suburbs to the rail network in Panmure.

When the busway is complete, you’ll be able to travel by bus and train between Botany and Britomart in 40 minutes, which is 20 minutes quicker than it is now.

The busway will be supported by three new stations at Panmure, Pakuranga and Botany, new cycling and walking connections, urban design enhancements, revitalised town centres and initiatives to improve traffic flow.

The new Reeves Road flyover between Pakuranga Road and Waipuna Bridge will reduce traffic congestion in the Pakuranga town centre.

Project status

Eastern Busway map

Map showing the phases of the Eastern Busway project 

This section of the Eastern Busway, with walking and cycling facilities, is due to be opened to the public in late 2021.

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Project details


  • Rapid and reliable transit time of 40 minutes between Botany and the city.  
  • Three new urban bus stations creating better access to other parts of Auckland. 
  • Safe transport connections for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, bus and train customers. 
  • Reeves Road Flyover between Pakuranga Road and Waipuna Bridge to reduce traffic congestion in the town centre. 
  • Placemaking and urban renewal initiatives to promote growth and development. 
  • Social, health and economic benefits for south and east Auckland. 
  • New and enhanced connections for walking and cycling.  
  • Two new bridges across Tāmaki River and Pakuranga Creek.
  • Connecting more than 30,000 customers each day to employment, education and recreation services.  


The timeline for building the Eastern Busway is: 

Project stages

Ameti Aerial 294


Panmure Station and the Te Horeta road upgrade are complete.

Panmure Basin 294

Panmure to Pakuranga

The busway and walking and cycling facilities between Panmure and Pakuranga are complete. 

Eastern Busway 2

Pakuranga to Botany

Construction of this further section of the Eastern Busway, with walking and cycling facilities, is due to start in 2022.

Sylvia Park Bus 294

Sylvia Park improvements

Improvements have been made in the Sylvia Park area.

Ameti Progress Panmure 294

Upcoming road changes

Detailed information about upcoming lane closures or roadworks.

Eastern Busway 3

Translated resources

翻译资源  (Translated resources) for the Eastern Busway project

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