Pakuranga to Botany Pakuranga to Botany

The Eastern Busway between Pakuranga and Botany town centres will provide better connections and sustainable travel options for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and bus and train customers.

To find out what’s next for the project, read our November 2022 Eastern Busway update.


A Notice of Requirement for a new designation around the Pakuranga Town Centre has recently been lodged with Auckland Council. It encompasses works on Ti Rakau Drive, Pakuranga Road, Reeves Road, Cortina Place, and the South-Eastern Highway (SEART).

View the lodged designation application on the Auckland Council website.

The accompanying resource consent applications and public submissions process will be available soon. 

Notice has been given that Auckland Council, under the provisions of section 23 of the Public Works Act 1981, proposes to take the required land for roading purposes, and a leasehold estate over land for temporary occupation for road construction works in connection with the Eastern Busway roading project for the following properties:

Community engagement 

Thank you for visiting us at our recent community information days and providing your feedback on the detailed design of the Eastern Busway between Pakuranga Town Centre and Ti Rakau Drive Bridge.

Read a feedback summary about the community information days held in July and August 2022. (PDF 548KB, 12 pages)

Learn more about the project

Download your guide to the Eastern Busway (PDF 2.5MB)

Download Your Guide to the Eastern Busway in other languages

Te Reo (PDF 2.5MB)

Chinese (Traditional) (PDF 2.7MB)

Chinese (Simplified) (PDF 2.7MB)

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Resources - July and August 2022

About the Eastern Busway (PDF 336KB)

Artist impression Edgewater Station – landscape (JPG 853KB)

Artist impression Edgewater Station – portrait (JPG 646KB)

Artist impression Edgewater Station – aerial (JPG 219KB)

Detailed maps of the design between Pakuranga Town Centre and Ti Rakau Drive Bridge (PDF 1.9MB)

Ti Rakau Park – what ideas do you have? (JPG 288KB)

Traffic staging during construction of Ti Rakau Drive (JPG 576KB)

Reeves Road Flyover (JPG 358KB)

Proposed construction timeline - July 2022 (JPG 851KB)

Feedback form – July and August 2022 (PDF 34KB)

Resources - December 2021

Analysis of the design options that were considered (PDF 1.4MB)

Map of draft design (PDF 2.5MB)

Map of Pakuranga Town Centre (PDF 21.7MB)

Map of Ti Rakau Drive (PDF 26.9MB)

Map of proposed Burswood Station (PDF 26.2MB)

Map of proposed Botany Station (PDF 11.7MB)

Cross sections (PDF 5.1MB)

Bus station features (PNG 819KB)

Bus station locations (PNG 522KB)

How the design was developed (PDF 3.1MB)

Frequently asked questions (PDF 171KB)

Chinese-Simplified March 2022 Eastern Busway update (PDF 1.1MB)

Consultation reports

Summary of community information sessions from March to June 2022 (PDF 474KB, 14 pages)

Full 2021 consultation report (PDF 1.2MB, 40 pages)

Summary of the consultation process. (PDF 1MB)

Summary of community meetings held in March and April 2022 (PDF 352KB)

Summary of community information sessions held in May 2022 (PDF 393KB)

Your views count

The AT Board has approved the busway design and route between Pakuranga and Botany Town Centres, with work preparing for construction to start in Pakuranga this year.

AT has confirmed that the preferred route will include a connection at Burswood. This option was selected because it will deliver rapid and reliable bus services for East Auckland and best achieves the project’s objectives.

An artist's impression showing a bus stopping at the Edgewater Station on Ti Rakau Drive. There is a sheltered stop with information boards showing bus arrival times. People can be seen walking to board the bus. The shelter is partially open and designed with a wooden interior. A carpark can be seen behind the bus station. A bus can be seen driving away from the station.
Artist's impression of Edgewater Station.

About the project

What we're designing

AT is planning and designing a dedicated urban busway between Pakuranga and Botany town centres.

It will include five new bus stations at:

  • Pakuranga Town Centre
  • Edgewater
  • Gossamer
  • Burswood
  • Botany Town Centre.

A map showing the proposed design of the Eastern Busway between Botany and Pakuranga town centres

Features and benefits

This new, dedicated urban busway means more regular access between where you live and where you work, shop, eat, and play. You’ll get safer, faster and more reliable trips, on any form of transport you choose.

There will also be:

  • Safe, new and attractive bus shelters, bike and scooter parking, drop-off and pick-up zones
  • Convenient transfers between local feeder buses and busway services
  • A flyover, which will reduce traffic around Pakuranga Town Centre and improve journey time reliability
  • A new bridge over Pakuranga Creek, which will have dedicated bus, cycle, and pedestrian lanes
  • A reliable 40-minute bus and train trip between Botany Town Centre and Britomart


  • November to December 2021:
    • Panmure to Pakuranga section completed
    • Pakuranga to Botany site investigations in progress
    • Online property owner and community consultation on the draft design undertaken
  • Late February 2022:
    • Preferred busway design from Pakuranga Town Centre to Ti Rakau Bridge confirmed and the community informed 
  • May 2022 to July 2022:
    • Preferred busway design from Ti Rakau Bridge to Botany Town Centre confirmed and the community informed 
  • Mid 2022 – Pakuranga Town Centre to Ti Rakau Bridge:
    • Community consultation on the design
    • Project team to seek consents from Auckland Council
    • Some early enabling work to start in Pakuranga Town Centre area
  • Mid to Late 2022 – Ti Rakau Drive Bridge to Botany Town Centre:
    • Community consultation on the design
    • Planning and consenting progressed

2018 Feedback

In 2018, you gave us your feedback during community consultation on our concept for the Pakuranga to Botany busway. We’ve considered your feedback and included it in the next stage of planning and design.

2018 Resources and Plans

Download the guide to the 2018 Eastern Busway concept design (PDF 7MB, 11 pages)

Download the 2018 Eastern Busway Pakuranga to Botany consultation newsletter (PDF 8MB)

Stage 2 and 3 (residential section) plans:

Site investigation work

We’re carrying out site investigation work around Pakuranga and Botany. This will help us to understand the ground conditions and exact locations of underground services including water, electricity, and gas pipes. The information we gather will improve the proposed busway design.

A site office is being set up in Pakuranga and you may notice some of our team, site investigation equipment, temporary lane layout changes and night works in the area.

Thank you for your patience while our site investigation work is in progress.

Partnering with mana whenua

AT and the Eastern Busway Alliance have partnered with mana whenua to ensure that Māori cultural values and perspectives are recognised and integrated into the planning of all stages of the project.

Close partnership with iwi will continue throughout the project’s development and delivery. We’re looking forward to sharing more about the work we do with our iwi partners in the future.

Helping protect and restore the local area

The project team is using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) tool to help ensure the environment will be protected during construction.

We will support local businesses and inspire healthy communities in the south and east Auckland by:

  • Being a good neighbour, and supporting the community through disruption, impacts and change.
  • Using resources and materials efficiently.
  • Encouraging the use of walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment and using innovative urban design so that people feel connected to the local area.
  • Helping the community to thrive by providing employment and training opportunities.
  • Supporting the local economy by providing opportunities for local businesses.
  • Deconstructing (disassembly and reuse or relocation of) buildings that require removal, diverting waste from landfills.

The Eastern Busway Alliance

AT is working with 4 companies at the Eastern Busway Alliance to design, consent and build the Pakuranga to Botany section of the busway.

Alliances are the recommended way to deliver large infrastructure projects like this one. They let organisations specialising in different areas such as safety, planning, or community engagement, come together to share their skills and knowledge.

That’s why we’re working with our partners to find more efficient, innovative ways to get better results for our customers, partners, stakeholders, and the local community.

By working together, we can reduce disruptions and get more benefits for Aucklanders.

Eastern Busway Alliance team
Eastern Busway Alliance team December 2020

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