Devonport Town Centre safety improvements Devonport Town Centre safety improvements

Auckland Transport, in partnership with representatives from the Devonport community, are working towards improvements to make it safer to walk, bike, and drive around Devonport’s town centre.

Project status: Construction is underway

Project zone: North

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Project overview

Devonport is getting ready for its next step, with a shared vision for a safer and easier to move around town centre. Town centres are busy, with lots of people sharing the road including shoppers, elderly and disabled, school children, and people using different transport options – all in close proximity to cars. Safer speeds create a better future for everyone.

Within the project scope, there were 44 recorded crashes between 2016 and 2020. Of these crashes, 14 resulted in injuries requiring medical attention, of which two were serious injuries. To improve safety in the town centre, improvements are being implemented to encourage low speeds, which reduces the severity of accidents should they occur.

As a Vision Zero organization, AT is committed to making the roads around Auckland safer and reducing the risk of death and serious injury on our roads. Devonport is prioritised under its town centre safe speeds programme due to high numbers of vulnerable users – children, senior citizens, people walking, and people on bikes interacting with motorists.

The improvements at Devonport Town Centre will support the new 30km/h speed limit that took effect in March 2023. They will include installing new or raised pedestrian crossings, intersection and streetscape improvements, and improved bus stops and facilities on and around Victoria Road starting at Calliope Road and continuing south down to Queens Parade near Devonport Pier.

The public consultation period for this project ran from 15 July to 14 August 2022. The final design was approved in May 2023, and construction is scheduled from June to October 2023. The project is funded by the Regional Fuel Tax via Waka Kotahi and Auckland Transport.

Locations of road safety improvements

Devonport Town Centre updated construction map

Download drawings for the proposed improvements (PDF 2.7MB)

Our improvements include: 

  • Upgrading two existing zebra crossings into raised zebra crossings on Victoria Road 
  • A new raised zebra crossing on Calliope Road
  • Two new raised zebra crossings on Kerr Street
  • Upgrading an existing speed hump into a raised zebra crossing on Flagstaff Terrace
  • Upgrading an existing zebra crossing into a raised zebra crossing on King Edward Parade adjacent to Victoria Road
  • A new zebra crossing on King Edward Parade adjacent to Church Street
  • Upgrade the existing bus stop on Victoria Road adjacent to Fleet Street
  • New northbound cycleway facility on Victoria Road between Kerr Street and Calliope Road
  • Wider angled parking spaces on Victoria Road between Clarence Street and Queens Parade, in response to community feedback.

Learn more about speed calming measures and their benefits on our Speed calming measures page

The improvements would require the repurposing of nine carparks in the town centre, six carparks on Kerr Street (outside Devonport Primary School), four on King Edward Parade (adjacent to Church Street), and one on Calliope Road to allow for the installation of the measures above. The proposal will see the reintroduction of four carparks in the town centre and a further five carparks on Huia Street and Queens Parade.

To minimise disruption to local business, economic, and recreational activities, we have reworked the project designs and shift schedule to bring the implementation timeline down to just three months. We have timed our work in the winter season when recreation and tourist activities are much lower and will not create such a big economic impact.


Following the consultation close out, AT has engaged Fulton Hogan to complete the construction of this project, which is now underway.

What you need to know

  • Started in mid-June and will take approximately three months to complete - subject to weather and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Work will be done in stages with localised closure to minimise interruption.
  • Most works are going to be completed during day work hours between 7am and 7pm. However, there are some night works required for the construction of this project, which will take place between 7pm and 5am.
  • Locals and businesses will receive a notification letter in the mail that will inform you of any roadworks on your road prior to construction.
  • Some temporary parking restrictions will apply. For example, cones and no parking signs will be used to limit parking when needed.
  • You may experience detours and delays while work is taking place. 
  • Traffic controllers will be onsite to assist motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. Pedestrian access will be maintained.
  • For your safety and the safety of our construction crew, please help by slowing down around work sites, follow signage, and be ready to stop.

Construction programme - baseline 

Devonport construction phase map October

Download the construction phase map for Devonport town centre (PDF 128KB)

Contact us

For information about construction or work sites, contact Fulton Hogan: 


Phone: 027 532 4305

For all other queries about the project, contact Auckland Transport: 


Phone: 09 355 3553

As the project draws to a close, we will no longer have weekly information drop-in sessions at the Devonport Library. Auckland Transport and Fulton Hogan are still available to answer questions and queries about the project and may be reached at the above contact numbers and emails.

Project updates

We will post regular updates on construction progress on this page. Check back frequently for updates. 


Construction of Phase A was successfully completed in June and the new raised pedestrian crossing is well used by Devonport Primary School pupils.

Download the June Newsletter (PDF 235KB)


Construction of Phase B was successfully completed in July. Despite challenging weather, both raised crossings on Kerr Street were completed during the school holidays. The Calliope Road raised crossing was also completed, and both are well used by the public.

Download the July Newsletter (PDF 1.2MB)


Construction of Phases D and F of the project were successfully completed in August. The new improvements from these phases include a raised pedestrian crossing on Flagstaff Terrace and upgrades to the bus stop on Victoria Road.

Download the August Newsletter (PDF 2MB)


In September, AT and Fulton Hogan upgraded three existing crossings around Victoria Road and King Edward Parade intersection and added in a new zebra crossing on King Edward Parade adjacent to Church Street (Phases E and G).

Download the September newsletter (PDF 6.2MB)


As of the end of October, almost all of the major construction works at Devonport Town Centre are complete. The last of the work, which includes some street lighting upgrades and installing a safety barrier at the Victoria Road bus stop, is scheduled to be completed by the end of November.

Read more about the completed phases and the last of the works in our final construction newsletter.

Download the October newsletter (PDF 8.7MB)

Project details


As a Vision Zero organisation, we are committed to making the roads around Auckland safer and reducing the risk of death or serious injuries on our roads. As part of this, we have a safe speeds programme for town centres where high-risk town centres have been identified around Auckland for speed reduction and other safety improvements.

Devonport is prioritised for improvements under this programme due to high numbers of vulnerable road users – children, senior citizens, people walking and people on bikes or motorcycles interacting with motorists. Reducing speeds here has the greatest potential to reduce the chance of serious injuries and deaths occurring. Every Aucklander deserves a safe transport network where no death or serious injury is acceptable.

The project is partly funded by the Regional Fuel Tax.

Public consultation 

Public feedback is one of the factors that Auckland Transport takes into account when making complex decisions like these. Community feedback is essential in making our projects a success.

AT consulted on the proposed Devonport town centre improvements from 15 July to 14 August 2022 and overall, 241 respondents engaged with consultation. After reviewing all of the feedback received, the project proceeded with a series of minor to intermediate changes:

  • The existing right-turn bay at the Victoria Road and Calliope Road intersection is to remain in place and the proposed on-road cycle lane across Calliope Road is to be removed.
  • A cycle ramp is to be provided where the northbound on-road cycleway on Victoria Road terminates.
  • An off-road cycle path is to be constructed up to the new raised table on Calliope Road where a cyclist crossing will be provided.
  • Based on public feedback, Cycleway Option 2 is being progressed.
  • A cycle-lane with an approximately 15m long separator outside 105 Victoria Road with the removal of 3 car parks and footpath widening outside 64 Victoria Road.
  • The proposed bus stop buildout (where footpath is built out to provide a platform for passengers to board and disembark from the bus) on Victoria Road will be relocated closer to Fleet Street to make it more accessible to passengers and to avoid constructability issues. To support this change, a median island will be introduced to prevent dangerous overtaking of buses. 
  • The proposed Swedish-style raised pedestrian crossing outside 63 Victoria Road will be converted to a single-stage raised crossing to accommodate delivery truck requirements on Victoria Road.
  • The existing Queens Parade and Victoria Road intersection layout is to be left as is.
  • Proposed parking space on Queens Parade will not be installed as it limits visibility for motorists exiting Marine Square.
  • Proposed parking space on Wynyard Street will not be installed as it limits visibility between motorists and pedestrians at the zebra crossing.
  • Proposed parking on Spring Street is to be removed.

For details, download Devonport town centre safety improvements feedback report (PDF 911KB).

Community working group

AT worked early in the project to form a community working group, which fed into the proposal that went out for public feedback. The working group was put together to represent the community and includes members of the Devonport Local Board, North Shore Ward Councillors, Business Association, Bike Auckland, Local Residents group, and other members from the wider community.

Safe speeds

Auckland Transport’s (AT) Safe Speeds Programme is part of an integrated nationwide road safety strategy (Road to Zero). The outcome is to make Aotearoa's roads safe where no one is killed or seriously injured on our roads.

AT has previously proposed to set new permanent speed limits on roads around Auckland, including Devonport, which will see the speed limit be potentially reduced to 30km/h on roads in the area. 30km/h is the internationally accepted speed to greatly reduce the chances of people walking or cycling from being killed or seriously injured.

If approved, these changes will be made by amendment to AT’s Speed Limits Bylaw 2019 and come into force in November/December 2022 – dependent on public feedback, AT Board approval and implementation considerations

See full list of the roads potentially changing speed limits.

Vision Zero

 Vision Zero is an ambitious transport safety vision that states that there will be no deaths or serious injuries on our transport system by 2050.

We want a transport system that prioritises safety, not a system that puts other measures ahead of human life. We will get you there safely, as efficiently as we can. The approach acknowledges that as people we all make mistakes; a mistake should not mean someone dies or is seriously injured on our roads. It’s also an approach that values everyone using the road, not just those in vehicles. It is about caring for more vulnerable road users like people walking or cycling, children and the elderly. Vision Zero is the international benchmark for transport safety.