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Route 2: Richmond Road Route 2: Richmond Road

This route runs along Richmond Road from Surrey Crescent to Parawai Crescent through the West Lynn shopping centre. It will connect with Route 1 (Surrey Crescent to Garnet Road) and Route 3 (Greenways Route).

On this route, people on bikes will be separated from pedestrians and vehicles to create a safer, more enjoyable journey for all. It will be a convenient connection to the West Lynn shops, and also to the city via Route 1, Route 4 (Great North Road), and Karangahape Road.

We are aiming to slow traffic, provide better pedestrian amenity, and enhance the environment for locals and visitors to the West Lynn shopping centre.

Work has paused 

Construction on routes 1 (Surrey Crescent / Old Mill and Garnet Road) and 2 ( Richmond Road) is being paused while we review some elements of the design and re-engage with the local community. There are partially complete and open works on some sections which we will need to complete or make safe while the review takes place. Stakeholders and the local community were advised of this decision via letter on 1 December and 7 December 2017 respectively. Find out more about how the paused works will affect you.

West Lynn village CLG presentation

Download the West Lynn village CLG presentation (PDF 5.44MB)

Community Liaison Groups (CLG)

The Community Liaison Group is the mechanism for AT and its technical experts to provide feedback and updates to the community through the representation of the members.

To reflect the community, members are local residents, local businesses (hospitality, retail, trade) and members of the Waitemata Local Board.

One group represents Richmond Road and the West Lynn Village.

The other group represents the residents, businesses and schools on the Surrey Crescent/Old Mill/Garnet Road route.

Five to six CLG meetings are planned at about monthly intervals.

Our design team Boffa Miskell, Beca and MR Cagney also attend. Minutes from the CLGs will be posted on the project’s AT webpage.

The Community Liaison Groups are chaired by an independent facilitator with an external minute taker.

The meetings are by invite only, and not open to the public.

Download the CLG terms of reference (PDF 135KB)

2016 consultation

In March 2016, we asked for feedback on a proposed network of cycling routes in the area between Point Chevalier and the city fringe, bounded by the northwestern motorway and the sea. Community feedback strongly supported the proposed cycling network.

To begin development of the network in this area, four cycle routes in the wider Grey Lynn area was proposed:

  • Route 1: Surrey Crescent to Garnet Road.
  • Route 2: Richmond Road.
  • Route 3: Greenways Route (Richmond Road to Great North Road).
  • Route 4: Great North Road.

Public consultation on the four proposed routes ran between September and October 2016.

160 individual people submitted feedback on this route, as well as four key stakeholder groups. This feedback helped us recognise and improve any issues that the community might have with the proposal.

A feedback and decisions report can be read here

Download the feedback and decisions report for route 2 (PDF 830KB, 39 pages).

Exclusions from this project

Richmond Road/Westmoreland Street intersection

This intersection is being developed as part of Route 3, which runs from this junction through Grey Lynn Park, down Grosvenor Street to Great North Road. Find out more about Route 3.