The Rail and Maritime Trade Union (RMTU) has given notice of its intent to commence industrial action from Monday 26 February to Friday 16 March.

Auckland Transport and Transdev have developed a temporary timetable to minimise disruption and provide consistent rail services on these lines during this period.

Customers can expect Southern, Western and Eastern line weekday peak train services at 20-minute intervals, with inter-peak and off-peak services running as normal. Many trains on these services will run with six cars, which can hold 900 passengers, to help reduce impact.

Onehunga and Pukekohe weekday train services and weekend train services across all lines will remain on their usual timetable.

Ferry and bus services will operate as normal.

Read the media release: Temporary timetable on trains due to industrial action.

Auckland Transport

New Network for the central suburbs New Network for the central suburbs

The Central New Network is a result of consultation feedback and creating simpler, more frequent, and better connected public transport.

These changes affect bus services in the area from New Lynn across to Panmure, Glen Innes, and St Heliers, and from Onehunga to the city centre.

We plan to implement the Central New Network in mid-late 2018.

Public engagement

Public consultation on the proposed new bus network for central Auckland was open from 1 October to 14 December 2015.

There were 3743 individual pieces of feedback, this included individual feedback forms and freeform submissions from key stakeholders. More than 600 comments from the online discussion forum and other online channels were included in the analysis.

The final network has been designed as a result of this feedback along with practical and budgetary constraints.

Download the consultation summary and decisions report (PDF 3MB, 54 pages)

What you told us

Overall, there was slightly more support 43% (strongly support or support) than opposition 39% (oppose or strongly oppose) for the central suburbs New Network. There were 17% who were neutral and 2% weren’t affected.

Some of the larger issues raised which led to the high opposition to the proposals such as keeping the Outer Link and keeping a direct connection from Orakei to the city have been resolved.

As a result of these changes, we would expect the numbers of people supporting the network to increase significantly if we were to ask the question again after announcing the final network.

Overall support or opposition

  • Strongly support: 18%.
  • Support: 25%.
  • Neutral: 17%.
  • Oppose: 18%.
  • Strongly oppose: 21%.
  • Doesn't affect me: 2%.

Feedback and decisions

Changes made as a result of feedback

In total, we consulted on 53 proposed routes. As a result of feedback, route changes were made to 18 of these, 24 have no change, 11 routes were removed and replaced by 12 new ones.

Proposed services and number of changes

  • Total number of proposed services: 53.
  • Services with changes to routes: 18.
  • Services with no change: 24.
  • New services added: 12.
  • Services removed: 11.

Proposed new network at consultation

Central Proposed New Network Map

 Central new network post consultation

Central New Network Jul 2017

Other maps

How we reached decisions

The feedback analysis process included:

  • Reading all pieces of feedback, and categorising them to produce statistics.
  • Investigating the points raised within the feedback, and making decisions based on the merit of the arguments explained.
  • Considering the practical and financial constraints.
  • Reviewing other data, including patronage and performance figures.
  • Test driving alternative routes in a bus.

Hours of operation and frequency

See the draft frequency of services and hours of operation (PDF 46KB)

Services are subject to change following a tender process.

Download the consultation brochure

City centre bus services

The city centre map shows what we expect to be in place in 2018 when the central suburbs New Network is implemented.

Bus routes and terminals in the city centre will be subject to changes and interim arrangements which were not possible to include in the context of the central suburbs consultation.

These changes and interim arrangements will be necessary because of:

  • The impact of the City Rail Link (CRL) construction on the city centre street network between June 2016 and 2023 when the CRL is expected to open (changes were made in October 2015 and April 2016 to allow for CRL enabling works).
  • The need to provide for buses in advance of the construction of new or improved bus facilities at places such as Britomart (East and West), Wynyard Quarter and Learning Quarter (all of which are currently being investigated).
  • The possible construction of a light rail line through the city centre within the next 10 years.
  • Other city centre improvement projects to implement Auckland Council’s City Centre Masterplan 2012.

See the draft city centre bus map (PDF 288KB)

See the city centre bus map proposed during public consultation (PDF 508KB)


The changes for central suburbs are currently planned for mid-late 2018. Dates will be updated as they are confirmed.

The next step is to finalise new bus routes and timetables.

We will run a a public information campaign before we roll out the Central New Network. New timetables will be available ahead of time so passengers can plan their journeys.

See the New Network project timeline for other areas of Auckland.