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New Network for the central suburbs New Network for the central suburbs

On Sunday 8 July 2018, we launched a new bus network for Auckland's central suburbs. Most services have changed, including bus routes, route numbers, timetables and some bus stops.

These changes are part of a simpler, more frequent and integrated public transport network that's being implemented for the whole of Auckland by the end of 2018.

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New Network for Auckland's central suburbs

These changes affect bus services in the area from New Lynn across to Panmure, Glen Innes, and St Heliers, and from Onehunga to the city centre.

An information brochure about the changes was delivered to households in the central suburbs prior to the New Network going live.

Central suburbs New Network map

NNC map and legend - click to download

Download the central suburbs New Network map (PDF 1.8MB)
Please note the route 68 will travel on Hugh Watt Drive and not Carlton Street, Frederick Street, Beachcroft Ave and Church Street until further notice while infrastructure on Carlton Street is reviewed.

What the New Network brings to the central suburbs

  • Better evening and weekend services.
  • 12 frequent bus routes to and from the city centre at least every 15 minutes until late evening, 7 days a week. During busy periods most of these routes have buses every 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The TāmakiLink bus connects the eastern bays to Britomart. This new link service is in addition to the CityLink, InnerLink and OuterLink.
  • Improved crosstown routes so you can travel between central suburbs without going through the city centre.
  • Some people need to transfer to a train or another bus to reach their destination.

Late night buses

There are now after-midnight trips on Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday morning on the following routes. These late night services have replaced the previous NiteRider routes N26 and N62. There were no changes to the N10 and N11 routes.

  • 18 - Great North Road and New Lynn to Henderson.
  • 22R - New North Road to Rosebank.
  • 24B - Sandringham Road and Blockhouse Bay to New Lynn.
  • 25L - Dominion Road to Lynfield.
  • 27H - Mt Eden Road and Hillsborough to Waikowhai.
  • 30 - Manukau Road to Onehunga.
  • 70H - Ellerslie, Panmure and Howick to Botany.
  • 75 - Remuera Road to Glen Innes.
  • TāmakiLink - Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay and St Heliers to Glen Innes.

Changes to school buses

Some Auckland Transport school bus routes in the central suburbs changed on Monday 23 July 2018, at the start of Term 3.

Most school bus route numbers changed. Detailed information is available and was provided directly to schools before the bus changes.


Individual route maps

Network map

See the central suburbs New Network map (PDF 1.8MB)

Frequent services

Connector services

Local services

Peak period services

What's happening in your neighbourhood

A summary of the changes and services in your local area.

Freemans Bay

  • The route 106 service is a one-way loop connecting Britomart, Victoria Park, Freemans Bay, Karangahape Road, Queen Street and back to Britomart, every 30 minutes, all day, 7 days a week.

Bus stops closing

  • Opposite 45 Howe St (Bus stop number 7232)
  • 144 Howe St (#7234)
  • Opposite 95 Wellington St (#7268)
  • 122 Wellington St (#7269)

Westmere, Grey Lynn, Ponsonby

  • The route 20 service connects St Lukes, Kingsland, Ponsonby and Wynyard Quarter, every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm and every 20 minutes after this time, 7 days a week.
  • No changes to the OuterLink, InnerLink and route 18 services.
  • Route 101 is a weekday peak service to the city universities via Jervois Road every 15 – 20 minutes.
  • More direct 105 bus service from Richmond Road to Britomart at least every 20 minutes, 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Bus stops closing

  • 2 Williamson Ave (Bus stop number 8886)
  • 40 Williamson Ave (#8888)
  • 1 Williamson Ave (#8889)
  • 84 Williamson Ave (#8890)
  • 33 Williamson Ave (#8891)
  • 112 Williamson Ave (#8892)
  • 69 Williamson Ave (#8893)
  • 144 Williamson Ave (#8894)
  • 107 Williamson Ave (#8895)
  • 135 Williamson Ave (#8897)
  • 2 Franklin Rd (#7260)
  • 13 Franklin Rd (#7261)

Point Chevalier

  • There are no changes to the OuterLink or 18 service.
  • The 66 service runs every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week towards Mt Albert, Royal Oak and Sylvia Park. Lower frequencies outside these hours.
  • The 101 service provides weekday peak services every 15 to 20 minutes from Pt Chevalier Beach to the city universities. Outside peak hours, use the 66 and transfer to the OuterLink or 18 Great North Rd buses at the Pt Chevalier shops.
  • The 650 connects Selwyn Village to Western Springs, St Lukes, Greenlane Clinic and Glen Innes during the day, Monday to Friday.

Bus stops closing

  • 6 Muripara Ave (Bus stop number 1052)

New North and Sandringham Roads (Mt Albert & Sandringham)

  • There are no timetable changes to buses on these roads.
  • No changes to the 209, 221X, 223X, 243X, 248X services.
  • There are route number changes for all other services, check the map for details.

Bus stops closing

  • 3 Range View Rd (Bus stop number 8775)
  • 60 Range View Rd (#8804)
  • 61 Range View Rd (#8805)
  • 26 Range View Rd (#8806)
  • 31 Range View Rd (#8807)
  • 93 Richardson Rd (#8923)
  • 22 Alberton Ave (#8996)
  • Opposite 69 Alberton Ave (#8787)
  • 73 Alberton Ave (#1427)*
  • 27 Alberton Ave (#1429)*
  • 41 Fowlds Ave (#1755)
  • 25 Euston Rd (#8036)
  • 36 Euston Rd (#8037)
  • 3 Euston Rd (#8038)
  • 6 Euston Rd (#8039)
  • 69 Fowlds Ave (#8040)
  • 34 Fowlds Ave (#8041)
  • 5 Fowlds Ave (#8042)
  • Opposite 69 Fowlds Ave (#8153)

* School bus only

Three Kings, Hillsborough and Waikowhai

  • All buses to and from the City Centre travel along Mt Eden Road (27H and 27W services) or Dominion Road (the 25L service).
  • There are some route changes in this area.
  • The 68 is a frequent crosstown service, every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, connecting New Lynn to Onehunga. Lower frequencies outside these hours.
  • To get to Newmarket and Grafton a transfer to another bus or to the train at Mt Eden Station is needed.

Bus stops closing

  • 3 Alex Boyd Link (Bus stop number 8697)
  • 65 Morrie Laing Ave (#8696)*
  • 36 Albrecht Ave (#8698)*
  • 3 Whitmore Rd (#8699)*
  • 80 Morrie Laing Ave (#8883)*
  • 60 Albrecht Ave (#8884)*
  • 27 Albrecht Ave (#8885)*
  • 55 Albrecht Ave (#8887)*
  • 18 Staveley Ave (#8944)
  • 5 Staveley Ave (#8611)
  • 74 Staveley Ave (#8940)
  • 34 Staveley Ave (#8942)
  • 67 Staveley Ave (#8947)
  • 45 Staveley Ave (#8949)
  • 25 Staveley Ave (#8951)
  • 2 Arundel St (#8946)
  • 172 Landscape Rd (#1002)
  • 183 Landscape Rd (#1447)
  • 107 Parau St (#1465)
  • 147 Landscape Rd (#1497)
  • 89 Duke St (#8567)
  • 84 Duke St (#1500)
  • 59 Duke St (#8551)
  • 124 Landscape Rd (#8786)
  • 144 Landscape Rd (#8788)
  • 58 Duke St (#8790)
  • 74 Parau St (#8792)
  • Opposite 75 Parau St (#8794)
  • 34 Commodore Ave (#7490)
  • 4 Commodore Dr (#7492)

* School bus only

Wynyard Quarter

  • The frequent 20 service connects Wynyard Quarter with Ponsonby, Kingsland and St Lukes every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm and every 20 minutes after this time, 7 days a week.
  • The frequent 75 service connects Wynyard Quarter with Midtown, Auckland City Hospital, Newmarket and Remuera, at least every 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days a week.

Bus stops closing

  • 2 Daldy St outside Air NZ (Bus stop number 1072)

Epsom, Manukau Road and Royal Oak

  • The 30 service connects Onehunga, Royal Oak, Epsom, Newmarket, Khyber Pass Road and the City Centre, at least every 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days a week.
  • The 295 connects Gillies Ave to the City Centre.
  • No changes to the OuterLink, 309 and 309X services.
  • The 321 has timetable improvements.

Bus stops closing

  • Opposite 19 Ranfurly Rd (Bus stop number 8260)
  • 22 Peet Ave (#8648)*

* School bus only

Meadowbank, Remuera, Stonefields

  • The new frequent 75 service travels along St Johns Road and Remuera Road to Newmarket, Wellesley Street/Victoria Street and Wynyard Quarter at least every 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days a week.
  • Remuera Road services no longer travel to Parnell or Britomart.
  • The 781 local service connects Victoria Avenue to Newmarket and Mission Bay.
  • The 782 connects the Meadowbank area to the local train station, Mission Bay and Ellerslie.
  • The 755 connects Benson Road to the City Centre via Portland Road.
  • The 747 connects Stonefields to Glen Innes and Panmure every 30 minutes, 7 days a week.

Bus stops closing

  • Clonbern Rd outside New World (Bus stop number 7296)*
  • 9 Clonbern Rd (#7297)*
  • 18 St Vincent Ave (#1502)
  • 46 Clonburn Rd (#1516)*
  • Opp 3 Risk Rd (#1518)
  • 63 St Vincent St (#1723)
  • 52 St Vincent Ave near Remuera Intermediate (#7678)*
  • 103 Orakei Rd (#7763)*
  • 133 Orakei Rd (#7765)*
  • 128 Orakei Rd (#7772)*
  • 180 Orakei Rd (#7774)*
  • 138 Upland Rd (*7752)*
  • 7 Upland Rd (#7743)*
  • 47 Upland Rd (#7745)*
  • 12 Upland Rd (#7746)*
  • 72 Upland Rd (#7748)*
  • 106 Upland Rd (#7750)*
  • 190 Upland Rd (#1530)
  • Upland Rd near Darwin Lane (#7751)
  • 187 Upland Rd (#7753)
  • Upland Rd near Dell Ave (#7754)
  • Peach Pde near Grand View Rd (#1713)
  • 7 Bonnie Brae Rd (#7565)*

* School bus only

Onehunga, One Tree Hill, Oranga and Penrose

  • The 30 service connects Onehunga, Royal Oak, Epsom, Newmarket, Khyber Pass Road and the City Centre, at least every 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days a week.
  • The 66 service runs every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week on Mt Smart Road towards Pt Chevalier or Sylvia Park. Lower frequencies outside these hours.
  • The 68 is a new frequent crosstown service, every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, connecting New Lynn, Blockhouse Bay, and Hillsborough to Onehunga. Lower frequencies outside these hours.
  • The 295 connects Royal Oak, Tawa Rd, Namata Rd, and Rockfield Rd with Ellerslie Station.
  • The 298 connects Onehunga with Waitangi Rd, Rawhiti Rd, Campbell Rd, and Ellerslie Station.
  • The 321 has timetable improvements.
  • New crosstown 670 service connects Onehunga with (to the east) Carr Rd, Stoddard Rd, Avondale, and New Lynn, and (to the west) with Church St, the Great South Rd, and Otahuhu.
  • The 743 connects Onehunga with Church St, Sylvia Park, and Panmure.
  • No changes to the 309, 309X, 313, or 380.
  • For customers travelling south late in the evening, new limited-stop service 333x will travel from Britomart to Otahuhu Station, stopping close to train stations at Newmarket, Remuera, Greenlane, Ellerslie, and Penrose.  Services depart from 32 Customs St East (stop 7020) at 11pm and 11:30pm Monday to Thursday (on Friday and Saturday evenings Southern Line train services run until late).  From 26 August the 333x will also stop close to Parnell Station and Avenue Rd in Otahuhu; on Avenue Rd customers will be able to transfer to route 33 services to Manukau, Manurewa, and Papakura.  Please use the journey planner to plan your journey on the 333x.

Bus stops closing

  • Rangipawa Rd near Maroa Rd (Bus stop number 8190)
  • 5 Rangipawa Rd (#8192)
  • 38 Rangipawa Rd (#8193)
  • 10 Rangipawa Rd (#8195)
  • 12 Aliford Ave (#8188)
  • 17 Aliford Ave (#8191)
  • 70 Tawa Rd (#8264)
  • 14 Hoheria (#8395)
  • 65 Athens Rd (#8397)
  • 17 Hoheria Rd (#8394)
  • 58 Athens Rd (#8396)
  • 404 Onehunga Mall (#8474)*
  • 308 Neilson St (#1016)
  • Opposite 342 Neilson St (#1017)
  • 387 Neilson St (#1019)
  • 264 Neilson St (#1029)
  • 232 Neilson St (#1032)
  • 270 Neilson St (#1034)
  • 386 Neilson St (#1036)
  • 346 Neilson St (#1038)
  • 142 Neilson St (#8152)
  • Neilson St opposite Waikaraka Park (#8154)
  • Opposite 140 Neilson St (#8155)
  • Neilson St outside Waikaraka Park (#8157)
  • 273a Neilson St (#8159)
  • 401 Onehunga Mall (#1409)
  • 150 Arthur St (#8374)
  • Opposite 150 Arthur St (#8375)
  • 178 Arthur St (#8376)
  • 175 Arthur St (#8377)
  • 109 Rockfield Rd (#8180)*
  • 124 Rockfield Rd (#8185)*
  • 100 Rockfield Rd (#8187)*
  • 171 Rockfield Rd (#8176)
  • 139 Rockfield Rd (#8178)
  • Opposite 171Rockfield Rd (#8181)
  • 154 Rockfield Rd Penrose (#8183)
  • 83 O'rorke Rd (#8166)
  • 67 O'rorke Rd (#8168)
  • 45 O'rorke Rd (#8170)
  • Opposite 67 O'rorke Rd (#8171)
  • 1 O'rorke Rd (#8172)
  • 16 O'rorke Rd (#8173)
  • Opposite 1 O'rorke Rd (#8175)

* School bus only

Orakei, Mission Bay, Kohimarama, St Heliers, Glendowie & St Johns

  • The new TāmakiLink runs along the full length of Tamaki Drive and St Heliers Bay Road, at least every 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days a week.
  • The 774 on Long Drive and 775 Glendowie peak services with extended hours connect with Britomart.
  • There are more public bus options to local schools.
  • The 762 from West Tamaki Road travels to Britomart via Kepa Road. It also connects to the Glen Innes station every 30 minutes and often at peak times.
  • The 744, 781 and 782 are new local services.
  • The 783 connects St Andrews, Grace Joel and Eastcliffe retirement villages, and Glendowie with St Heliers, Mission Bay and Eastridge Shopping Centre.
  • Travelling to the City Centre requires transferring to another bus at St Heliers or Mission Bay on some trips.

Bus stops closing

  • Grace St outside Orakei Primary (Bus stop number 1473)
  • 65 Selwyn Ave (#7249)
  • 105 Selwyn Ave (#7251)
  • 135 Selwyn Ave (#7253)
  • 29 Ronaki Rd (#7247)
  • 286 St Heliers Bay Rd (#7744)
  • 16 Polygon Rd (#8782)
  • 71 Maskell St (#7390)*
  • 51 Maskell St (#7392)*
  • 74 Maskell St (#7393)*
  • 52 Maskell St (#7395)*
  • 3 Howard Hunter Ave (#1089)
  • 23 Felton Mathew Ave (#7587)
  • 30 Felton Mathew Ave (#7592)
  • 4 Howard Hunter Ave (#7594)
  • 56 Norman Lesser Dr (#1408)*
  • 11 Norman Lesser Dr (#7721)*
  • 20 Norman Lesser Dr (#7722)*
  • 43 Norman Lesser Dr (#7723)*
  • 79 Norman Lesser Dr (#7725)*
  • 102 Norman Lesser Dr (#7726)*
  • 103 Norman Lesser Dr (#7727)*
  • 132 Norman Lesser Dr (#7728)*
  • 11 Panapa Dr (#7729)*
  • 10 Panapa Dr (#7730)*
  • 55 Panapa Dr (#7731)*
  • 42 Panapa Dr (#7732)*
  • 71 Panapa Dr (#7733)*
  • 58 Panapa Dr (#7734)*
  • 97 Panapa Dr (#7735)*
  • 92 Panapa Dr (#7736)*
  • Opposite 255 Kohimarama Rd (#1422)

* School bus only

Glen Innes, Point England, Tamaki

  • There are better bus services with the 75 to Remuera Road, the TāmakiLink to St Heliers, 743 and 744 to Tripoli Road, Pilkington Road and Panmure, 762 to Taniwha Street and West Tamaki Road and the 747 to Stonefields.
  • The 650 crosstown service connects Greenlane, St Lukes and Pt Chevalier.

Bus stops closing

  • 7 Elstree Ave (Bus stop number 7259)*
  • 41 Elstree Ave (#7271)*
  • 55 Elstree Ave (#7273)*
  • 85 Elstree Ave (#7275)*
  • Opposite 27 Line Rd (#7831)
  • 43 Eastview Rd (#7065)
  • 14 Eastview Rd (#7236)
  • Eastview Rd opposite Castledine Cres (#8559)
  • Opposite 47 Eastview Rd (#8574)
  • 39 Heatherbank St (#7820)
  • 3 Heatherbank St (#7822)
  • 11 Farringdon St (#7824)
  • 60 Heatherbank St (#7825)
  • 18 Heatherbank St (#7827)
  • 14 Farrington St (#7829)
  • 8 Elstree Ave (#1460)
  • 30 Elstree Ave (#1462)
  • 44 Elstree Ave (#7272)
  • Opposite 85 Elstree Ave (#7274)
  • 235 Taniwha St (#7818)
  • 1 Inglewood St (#7949)
  • 29 Inglewood St (#7951)
  • 43 Inglewood St (#7953)
  • 4 Inglewood St (#7954)
  • 272 West Tamaki Rd (#7955)
  • 38 Inglewood St (#7956)
  • Opposite 243 West Tamaki Rd (#7957)
  • 54 Inglewood St (#7958)
  • 271 West Tamaki Rd (#7960)
  • 249 West Tamaki Rd (#7962)

* School bus only

Mount Wellington, Ellerslie

  • Some trips to the City Centre will require a transfer to a train or another bus at Ellerslie, Sylvia Park or Penrose.
  • The simpler 298 and 782 services connect the area to Ellerslie and Sylvia Park train stations.
  • The 70 service travels along the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway to the City Centre every 10 to 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days a week.
  • The 323 service connects the Panama Road and Carbine Road area to Panmure and Otahuhu.
  • The 66 crosstown service travels along Penrose Road to Royal Oak, Mt Albert Road and Pt Chevalier, every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week. Lower frequencies outside these hours.
  • For customers travelling south late in the evening, new limited-stop service 333x will travel from Britomart to Otahuhu Station, stopping close to train stations at Newmarket, Remuera, Greenlane, Ellerslie, and Penrose.  Services depart from 32 Customs St East (stop 7020) at 11pm and 11:30pm Monday to Thursday (on Friday and Saturday evenings Southern Line train services run until late).  From 26 August 2018 the 333x will also stop close to Parnell Station and Avenue Rd in Otahuhu; on Avenue Rd customers will be able to transfer to route 33 services to Manukau, Manurewa, and Papakura.  Please use the journey planner to plan your journey on the 333x.

Bus stops closing

  • 16 Fisher Cres (Bus stop number 7911)
  • 14 Gabador Pl (#7913)
  • 4 Gabador Pl (#7915)
  • Opposite 3 Fisher Cres (#7909)
  • Aranui Rd opposite Whitford Ave (#7629)*
  • 58 Aranui Rd (#7796)*
  • 85 Aranui Rd (#8975)*
  • 57 Aranui Rd (#8987)*
  • 29 Amy St (#7456)*
  • 18 Pukerangi Cres (#7458)*
  • 32 Amy St (#7463)*
  • 11 Pukerangi Cres (#7465)*
  • 12 Ruawai Rd (#7618)*
  • 5 Bailey Rd (#7507)*
  • 153 Main Hwy (#1501)*
  • 74 Ruawai Rd (#7798)*
  • 79 Panama Rd (#7905)*

* School bus only


Bus stops closing

  • 27 Kings Rd (Bus stop number 7529)
  • 71 Kings Rd (#7531)
  • 30 Kings Rd (#7532)
  • Opp 9 Dunkirk Rd (#7533)
  • 82 Kings Rd (#7534)
  • 27 Matapan Rd (#7535)
  • 9 Dunkirk Rd (#7536)
  • 32 Matapan Rd (#7538)
  • Pilkington Rd opposite Panmure Library (#7680)
  • 39 Tripoli Rd (#7542)*

* School bus only

CBD, Grafton, Parnell

Bus stops closing

  • 115 Victoria St West (#7101)
  • 66 Khyber Pass Rd (#7174)

City centre bus map

The city centre map shows where bus routes run.

City centre bus map

Download the city centre bus map (PDF 447KB).

Stay informed

  • Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for up-to-date information.
  • Get email updates by signing up to our New Network newsletter.
  • Look out for posters at key bus stops and train stations.
  • Visit libraries and local board offices in the central suburbs for information on the changes.

Public engagement

Public consultation on the proposed new bus network for central suburbs was open from 1 October to 14 December 2015.

We received 3,743 individual pieces of feedback, which contributed to the final network design, in addition to budget and practical factors.

Download the consultation summary and decisions report (PDF 3MB, 54 pages)

Changes to New Network Central routes post consultation (PDF 121KB)

Published 1 October 2015 | Last updated 24 July 2018,
Information is correct at the time of publishing and subject to change

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Contacting NCIWR

Any emergency relating to domestic violence should be directed to 111 for New Zealand Police assistance.

If you request assistance through this website, we will endeavour to respond as soon as we can. If you require advocacy services phone 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843 to talk to a refuge in your area within New Zealand. All member refuges of NCIWR are listed on our main website ( If you do visit the Women’s Refuge Website, please note that it is a traceable site so we recommend you use the online safety tips found on this web application to visit safely.

Advocacy services are available at member refuges. Your call and information will be treated in confidence and privacy.

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This privacy policy was last updated on 6 October 2015.

If You’re In
Immediate danger

If you fear for your safety:

  1. Run outside and head for where there are other people.
  2. Ask someone to call 111
  3. If you have children take them with you if you can
  4. Don't stop to get anything else