Clyde Street, Epsom - Broken yellow lines Clyde Street, Epsom - Broken yellow lines

Proposal status: Feedback closed 2 October 2019, updated 25 November 2019.

Reference number: BYL-409

We've proposed changes in your area

We proposed new broken yellow lines parking restrictions near the main entry of the Diocesan School for Girls underground carpark on Clyde Street, Epsom. The broken yellow lines are aimed at improving safe movement for buses. The broken yellow lines will add the benefit of providing increased visibility for cars coming out of the school carpark.

Download the proposal drawing for Clyde Street, Epsom (PDF 233KB).

Why the changes are needed

Our proposal responds to a request from Diocesan School for Girls to address issues of cars blocking bus access outside the school. Currently buses are having to cross the centre line to avoid hitting the parked cars as they travel down Clyde Street.

Proposal outcome

The proposed broken yellow lines will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being painted on the road. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Feedback received

  • Request that buses are moved to Margot Street or Mount Saint John Avenue, which is wider and can better accommodate buses.
    Currently Margot Street and Mount Saint John Avenue have high bus and vehicle travel during school hours. These roads have very similar road widths to that of Clyde Street. If the bus travel from Clyde Street were to shift to Margot Street and Mount Saint John Avenue the congestion on these streets would be worse. This is because the bus stops would not have the capacity to accommodate the extra buses from Clyde Street and buses would be forced to hold up traffic.
  • Request to remove two car parking spaces on either side of the driveway to further improve visibility.
    We are proposing to remove the two car parking spaces on the left as you exit the driveway and one on the right of the exit. There is currently only one space that can be removed on the right before the traffic island.
  • Concern that broken yellow lines are permanent and it does not allow for term breaks, and Christmas holidays when they could be used by residents.
    We acknowledge that on-street parking is important to the community and we want to minimise the impact of removing carparks. We note that the parking bays on Clyde and Margot Street are only active 7am to 4pm School Days Only. This means that during school term breaks including the Christmas holidays, they are available to residents and visitors.

Next steps

These works are expected to be completed by July 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.