St George's Bay Rd, Parnell - Pedestrian crossing St George's Bay Rd, Parnell - Pedestrian crossing

Consultation status: updated 3 July 2018

Proposal reference: RTV-126

We are proposing install a new pedestrian crossing facility with side islands at 128 St George's Bay Road.

View the original consultation drawing for St George's Bay Road (PDF 367KB) 

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to assist pedestrians to cross the road safely.  This road is quite wide and currently has no pedestrian crossing points.

Proposal outcome

Based on comments received during the public feedback period, the proposal has been altered and will now include installation of a raised table zebra crossing with kerb build-outs. It will also involve minor changes to road markings and signage.

View the updated consultation drawings for St George's Bay Road (PDF 494KB)

The changes will better accommodate for pedestrian demand at this location by increasing visibility for both pedestrians and drivers.

Specific feedback

    • Requests for a variation in the crossing (zebra crossing, speed table crossing, pedestrian refuge crossing). We are considering a change in proposal. There is high pedestrian demand at this location and providing a safer pedestrian crossing facility zebra will increase pedestrian safety.
    • Requests for the crossing to be moved to an alternative location (Closer to Kenwyn Ave or Faraday St or the intersection of The Strand and St Georges Bay Rd). From multiple site visits and a pedestrian survey, the pedestrian desire line is where the proposal recommends.
      We will investigate the need for a pedestrian crossing facility at the intersection of The Strand and St Georges Bay Road.
    • Requests for the centre line to be marked. We have found that there have been no crashes on St Georges Bay Road in the past five years due to the lack of a centre line. This indicates the road has been operating safely in its current form. St Georges Bay Road is classified as a Local Road. It should be remembered that the Road Code states any vehicle proceeding along a road must stay as far left as is safe. We also want to avoid unnecessarily introducing street clutter, and increasing long term maintenance requirements.
      We have provided centre lines at controlled intersection on St Georges Bay Road but unfortunately cannot justify extending centre line through the entire stretch of St Georges Bay Road.
    • Concern about traffic congestion and loss of parking. There is a high volume of pedestrians accessing both sides of St Georges Bay Road with no pedestrian facility to assist with crossing the road. This proposal will increase pedestrian safety. Some parking loss was required to allow sufficient visibility for crossing pedestrians.
    • Request for speed management. We can confirm that we will investigate speeding issues outside of this proposal.
    • Request for additional works:
      • Concern about trucks double parking for deliveries. We recently proposed a Loading Zone in the vicinity of 125 St Georges Bay Road to allow delivery trucks to off load.
      • Suggestion for shared zone like Shortland Street or Federal Street.
      • Request for AT to do something about parking.
      • Concern that the chicane on Cleveland Road is ineffective.
      • Request for something to be done about the intersection of St George’s Bay Road and Cleveland Road/Garfield Street.
      • Request for a linking up of the Beach Rd or Quay St cycleway to St George's Bay Rd. While these requests and concerns do not fall within the scope of this proposal which focuses on a pedestrian crossing on St George's Bay Road, Parnell, we have passed your concerns onto the relevant internal team for further investigation.

Next steps

The proposal will be constructed prior to June 2019, but we will let you know if there are changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.