18 to 50 Candia Road, Swanson – Footpath Upgrade 18 to 50 Candia Road, Swanson – Footpath Upgrade

Proposal status: Feedback closed

Reference number: FP2021-004

Proposal outcome

In March 2023, we asked the community about our proposal to upgrade the footpath from 18 to 50 Candia Road in Swanson. There was a delay in releasing the proposal outcome for the project while we consulted with iwi Te Kawerau ā Maki regarding the proposed removal of a Pohutukawa tree within the project site.

After lengthy discussions and hearing their concerns, we have reached an agreement to remove the current Pohutukawa tree and replant a new Pohutukawa in the area. The work will proceed as proposed.

Download the updated drawing for Candia Road (PDF, 2MB)

What happens next

We will now progress to the next stage of finalising the design and will be in touch with local residents prior to any construction taking place.

Community feedback

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the proposal and there are no submissions that would negatively impact the community.

Here is our response to the summary of comments and queries we received:

Shared footpath

Feedback: Suggestion to install a shared footpath so both pedestrians and cyclists can benefit from the installation.

AT's response: The project has been prioritised as part of Auckland Transport’s wider footpath programme and due to existing constraints of the road, we can’t widen the existing foothpath. Widening the footpath would be at a considerable cost and requires significant civil works, retaining structures and drainage upgrades. We assure the community this new footpath will provide an important connection for residents on Candia Road.

We're proposing improvements in your area

Listening to what you have to say is important to us. Your local knowledge can help us make better decisions, so together we can achieve the best outcomes for your neighbourhood.

We are proposing to:

  • Construct a new footpath from 18 to 50 Candia Road to fill a gap in the network. This is to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility in the area.
  • Install new timber retaining wall structures and new kerb and channel. This will require tree and vegetation removal.

Download the proposal drawing for Candia Road (PDF 773KB)

The Candia Road footpath upgrade is part of a wider footpath programme being delivered by AT. This footpath was prioritised highly, based on multiple factors such as:

  • proximity to schools, public transport and community facilities
  • speed and the number of vehicles that use the road
  • if there are already footpaths nearby or on the other side of the road
  • addressing a gap in the existing footpath network on Candia Road.

The design we are proposing minimises the environmental impact on flora, fauna and Lonesome Brook River.

What happens next

  • We’ll listen to all the feedback we receive, and then decide the best way to move forward.
  • We’ll post the outcome of this proposal and a summary of community feedback on this webpage.
  • We can email you the proposal outcome as soon as it’s ready – just select that option when you fill in the survey.

Swanson: Safe with us

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving. Projects like this one around Candia Road are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures (like minor time saving).