Dynamic lanes remove traffic headache on Redoubt Road

Since dynamic lanes went live on 8 November 2020, locals have been able to get home sooner.

The dynamic lanes change the direction of the centre lane on weekday afternoons. They operate on a 750-metre stretch of road between the Southern Motorway offramp and Hollyford Drive.

Auckland Transport (AT) says that a sample of journey times, between 4.30pm and 5.30pm, shows savings of up to six minutes per trip.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says dynamic lanes help reduce congestion without having to widen the road.

“It’s good to see that the Redoubt Road dynamic lanes are helping to reduce traffic congestion and reduce delays for drivers.”

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Chair Lotu Fuli says the lanes have removed a headache for people on their way home.

“This stretch of road was well known to have terrible traffic jams. On weekday afternoons, most vehicles on Redoubt Road are heading away from Manukau. They used to have to merge into one lane at the start of Redoubt Road, near the motorway offramp, causing big delays.”

“Dynamic lanes have changed the direction of the centre lane between 3.30pm and 7pm on weekdays. This has removed that headache for people heading home, by letting traffic move more freely.”

Local resident Kaitlyn Relf says that new crossings have also made it safer for people walking around the area.

“The new crossing near Diorella Drive is great. I use it to get to the shops at Manukau and I’ve seen lots of kids using it on their way home from school. We used to have to cross a busy three-lane road without a crossing and now it is much safer.”

“We love the dynamic lanes too. I used to sit in traffic on the bus for five or ten minutes just waiting for one more stop. Now the bus is much more reliable.”

There have been some reports of vehicles finding it difficult to turn right out of Diorella Drive. AT is monitoring this intersection and is looking at possible small adjustments to improve this.

AT reminds people to take care and be mindful of this changed road layout.

Redoubt Road dynamic lanes will continue to operate on weekday afternoons between 3.30pm and 7pm. They do not operate on public holidays or weekends.

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