New Zealand’s first zero emissions truck trial kicks off

Auckland Transport (AT) welcomes New Zealand’s first trial of 100 per cent electric trucks.

The Auckland Inner City Zero Emissions Area (ZEA) Trial follows the arrival of the first FUSO eCanter 100 per cent electric trucks – five of which are being used by trial participants: Mainfreight, Bidfood, Toll Global Express, Owens Transport and Vector OnGas.

The one-year trial will see the integration of the fully-electric trucks into New Zealand’s commercial fleet to deliver goods in the inner city.

Mayor Phil Goff says the electric trucks will pave the way for reduced carbon emissions and will contribute to improved air quality in Auckland’s city centre.

“Transport makes up more than 40 per cent of Auckland’s emissions profile. The shift towards emissions-free vehicles is a critical step towards meeting our climate change goals,” he says.

“This trial will complement emissions-reduction work already underway by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport, including the rollout of emissions-free electric buses across our transport network. It will also contribute towards our vision of creating a zero-emissions area in Auckland’s city centre.”

Earlier this year, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) approved co-funding for the five FUSO eCanter trucks - to support the development of New Zealand’s zero-emission transport fleet.

The trial will support the integration of electric trucks into transport and delivery systems, with support from EECA, commercial vehicle lease specialists TR Group, and telematics experts EROAD.

Tracey Berkahn, Auckland Transport’s group manager of services and performance, says AT is proud to endorse and support the trial.

“It’s really important for AT that this trial helps demonstrate the potential for electric heavy vehicles. Companies involved in the trial will have the advantage of understanding what it really takes to run electric trucks. This trial is quite unique as those involved have banded together over this common cause.”

“While our focus at AT has been on the electrification of buses, it is also important that we explore other ways to support the lowering of emissions.”

FUSO NZ’s group manager of sales and customer experience, Kathy Schluter, says that the ZEA trial launch marks another significant milestone in the important journey towards successfully integrating fully-electric trucks into New Zealand’s commercial fleet.

“We are incredibly proud and excited to see FUSO’s eCanter leading the charge in the first trial of its kind in New Zealand.”

“The all-electric eCanter is ideal for inner city delivery – emissions-free, virtually silent, and equipped with advanced safety systems. It will deliver considerable benefits for local residents and workers along with the wide variety of freight it is built to carry.

“The trial sets the scene for the future, particularly for the early adopters who have committed to joining us on this journey. We would like to thank all of our partners in this important project and we very much look forward to seeing the results.”