Apply for an Eden Park access or visitor pass

If you live or have a business in one of the eligible streets in the Eden Park area you can apply for:

  • One visitor pass to give a guest on-street parking
  • Up to 4 access passes to let your vehicle through road closures - you may need these in addition to your permit.
These are physical passes you display in your vehicle, which are valid for 5 years and are free of charge.

Before you apply you will need proof of address

You will need to prove that you live at your property. All documents must include your full name and address.
We accept:

  • a full power, internet or other utility bill, dated within the last two months
  • a letter from a power or internet provider stating that you have signed up with them (if you moved in less than two months ago)
  • a current fixed-term tenancy agreement signed by you and your landlord
  • a letter from a landlord or head tenant stating that you live at the address (for non-fixed term tenancies)
  • an electoral roll letter less than 3 months old.
We can't accept:
  • water or rates bills
  • bank statements or documents
  • property documents, such as title papers or sales and purchase agreements