Speed limit changes around Auckland project updates Speed limit changes around Auckland project updates


22 October

After considering nearly 12,000 public submissions and reviewing technical reports, Auckland Transport’s board approved a bylaw today - which will reduce speed limits on around 10% of Auckland’s urban and rural roads, read the media release for more information.

16 October

On Tuesday 22 October, Auckland Transport's board of directors will consider the proposed Speed Limits Bylaw 2019. Information about the proposed bylaw is available at AT board reports for meeting of 22 October 2019 (Item 13.1).

4 September

Auckland Transport is taking more time to consider a proposal to reduce speeds on some of the high-risk roads in the region

On 3 September the AT Board decided that more work needs to be done on the timing of any implementation - and more importantly the effects any changes to the original bylaw proposal, if a decision is taken by the AT Board is to go ahead with implementation, might have on death and serious injury rates. AT will now reconsider the matter by 31 October.

An extensive public consultation exercise proposed lower speeds on around ten per cent of the region's high risk roads in order to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries which occur daily across the region. AT also received requests from the public for an additional 876km of roads to be included in the proposal. Evaluating the implications and supporting evidence associated with a wide range of implementation options, including levels of community support, is being thoroughly considered prior to the matter being presented to the AT Board, says Chief Executive Shane Ellison.

More than 11,700 submissions were received in relation to the proposal.

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18 July 

Speed Limits Bylaw public feedback analysis and decision-making progress update

Auckland Transport are grateful to everyone who took the time to share their views with us on the proposed speed limit changes around Auckland. So, it is important to us that the process we are following is completely transparent to everyone.

We received 11,719 submissions on the proposal – every single one of which is being read and analysed. A lot of the feedback received was location specific with a high level of detail provided.

Amongst the feedback, we received 5,415 comments on roads included in the Speed Limits Bylaw. In addition, we received 2,158 comments on 776 roads where no speed limit changes were proposed. We also received feedback requesting speed limit reductions on 876 kilometres of roads which were not part of the proposal we consulted on.

A team of road safety engineers are reviewing all of this feedback and carrying out further investigations where necessary. Over 6,500 hours have been invested in considering the views of Aucklanders who submitted on the proposal.

Because we are determined to review and consider all the feedback provided, more time is needed to ensure the process is rigorous and there can be confidence in any decision that may be taken. As a result, the decision-making timeline has needed to be extended.

Auckland Transport’s Board of Directors will now deliberate on the proposed Bylaw on or before 30 September 2019. This is later than we had hoped, but it is necessary due to the volume of submissions and level of detail provided.

Thank you for your patience while we undertake this process. We will be in touch with submitters when more information becomes available.

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10 June

In advance of the public consultation, we tried hard to ensure as many people across the Auckland region knew about the issue. As a result, we received 11,719 submissions. We are extremely pleased so many people had their say on the proposal, which aims to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Due to the high number of submissions, many of which covered more than one issue, analysis and investigation of ideas and suggestions is taking longer than we had expected.

We are determined to analyse every submission thoroughly as we want to take account of what people have told us.

What we have been doing

Our team of analysts have been reading through each and every piece of feedback and grouping these into relevant themes. This coding process helps to give us a high-level understanding of the public’s views as well as making it easier for us to dig deeper into the detailed feedback that requires further investigation.

We also have a team of 7 road safety engineers analysing the feedback. The comments received range from general views on speed limits and road safety to location specific feedback on the roads included in the proposed bylaw.

We also received feedback requesting reductions in speed limits on 876 kilometres of roads which were not part of the proposal that we consulted on. Some of the location specific feedback is resulting in our engineers carrying out further investigations to assess the road safety issues that have been raised.

Next steps

The feedback will be used to create a report which will also include AT’s responses. We expect to publish the report on the Safe Speeds Programme project page in the next 3 to 4 months.

Thank you once again for your patience while we undertake this process.

You can also stay updated by visiting the Safe Speeds Programme project page

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