What you need to know about the speed limit changes around Auckland What you need to know about the speed limit changes around Auckland

Which roads will have new speed limits

The speed limit changes will apply to around 10% of Auckland’s local roads. Approximately 90% of the total area we are reducing the speeds of are rural roads – predominately in Rodney and Franklin.

Most of Auckland’s city centre will have a speed limit of 30km/h (the current 10km/h combined pedestrian and vehicle zones will remain) apart from Hobson, Fanshawe and Nelson Streets which will be 40km/h with engineering treatments to protect vulnerable road users. Fourteen town centres, such as Orewa, Te Atatu South and Westgate, will also have 30km/h speed limits.

View a full list of the roads that will have new speed limits.

When the changes come into effect

Due to the scale of the change with new road signage and traffic calming measures being installed, the Speed Limits Bylaw will be introduced in a phased approach. The changes are likely to be implemented between mid-2020 and mid-2021. Further information on the phasing of the changes will be provided by Auckland Transport as plans are finalised and confirmed.

What you need to know

AT is reducing speed limits to save lives and prevent injuries.

We know through a large body of evidence, that whatever causes a crash, the severity of the outcome depends on speed. Research undertaken by Austroads tells us that if a person walking is hit by a car travelling at 30km/h, the risk of dying is 10%. If a person gets hit by a car travelling at 50km/h, the risk of dying increases to 80%.

This is particularly relevant for our proposal to set survivable speeds in the city centre.

The speed limit changes target the highest-risk roads in the region and are expected to stop approximately 87 death or serious injuries over the next five years.

AT does not receive money from infringements/fines. NZ Police issues speeding tickets, and that money goes into the Government's Consolidated Fund. The Police does not receive money from infringements/fines either.

AT will monitor the effects of the speed limit changes thorough evaluation of speed management activities will be carried out once changes have been implemented.

If you have any have any other questions or require any further information, please contact AT on (09) 355 3553, or email ATSpeedProgramme@AT.govt.nz

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