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New Network for North Shore New Network for North Shore

We plan to introduce the New Network for the North Shore in mid 2018.

We sought public feedback on the proposed network during June and July 2015, and final decisions on the routes and timetables were released in April 2016.

Public engagement

Public feedback on the proposed New Network for the North Shore was open from 2 June to 13 July 2015.

We received 2423 feedback forms, of which 26 were in Chinese. We also analysed over 750 comments from the discussion forum and other online tools, as well as a further 44 free-form submissions from key stakeholders, and 8 free-form submissions from members of the public.

What you told us

Overall, there was support for the proposed New Network. 54% of respondents who completed the feedback form supported or strongly supported the proposal, while 34% were opposed or strongly opposed.

Because the final routes have now been modified according to public feedback, we expect that the number of people who support the New Network will increase.

Overall support for or opposition to the North Shore New Network

  • Strongly support: 23%
  • Support: 31%
  • Neutral: 13%
  • Oppose: 14%
  • Strongly oppose: 20%

Total respondents: 2279.

Maps of the New Network for North Shore

Changes made as a result of feedback

Of the 40 proposed routes that were consulted on, as a result of feedback we made route changes to 21 of these, and 15 routes had timetable changes. Two entirely new routes were added and 1 route was removed; however most of the bus stops served by this route (all except three), will be served by other routes.

How we reached final decisions

Residents of the North Shore were active in providing feedback, and as a result we have been able to make informed decisions that will benefit more people within the community.

The feedback analysis process included:

  • Reading all pieces of feedback, and categorising them to produce statistics.
  • Investigating the points raised within the feedback, and making decisions based on the merit of the arguments explained.
  • Considering the practical and financial constraints.
  • Reviewing other data, including patronage and performance figures.
  • Test driving alternative routes in a bus.

Final decisions aimed to serve the public transport needs of the widest number of people possible within the community, taking on board their views expressed, while still being aligned with the principles of the New Network. 

To find out why the below changes were made, refer to the detailed explanations in the consultation summary.

Final routes and changes made as a result of feedback

Route number Final New Network for North Shore
Albany to Britomart (lower Albert Street)
  • No change.
Albany to City Universities
  • No change.
Albany to Newmarket
  • No change.
N4 Milford to City Universities via Takapuna
  • Increased frequency in peak, last bus later at night.
N4a - Now N46
Constellation Stn to Akoranga Stn via Sunnynook, Milford, and Takapuna
  • Operate independently of N4 and extend from Takapuna to Akoranga Station, renumbered to N46.
Massey University to Takapuna via Albany Stn and Browns Bay
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.


Glenfield to Britomart (Lower Albert St)

  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
Beach Haven to Britomart (Lower Albert St)
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
Bayswater to City Universities (peak service)
  • Travel via Jutland Rd, not Francis St and Hart Rd.
  • Extend to Bayswater instead of terminating at Belmont.
Stanley Point to Devonport Ferry Terminal
  • No change
Devonport Ferry Terminal to Mt Victoria / Cheltenham
  • Travel via King Edward Parade, Church St, Vauxhall Rd, not Victoria Rd and Albert Rd.
  • Reduced frequency in peak and earlier finish weekends due to not serving shops.
Northcote Point to Smales Farm Stn via North Shore Hospital
  • N21a timed to meet ferry at Northcote Point.
  • Renumbered N21.
  • Deleted N21b.
Akoranga Stn to City Universities via Hillcrest and Sylvan Ave
  • To travel to Akoranga Station (not Smales Farm Station) via Akoranga Dr.
  • No change.
Glenfield to Akoranga Stn via Hillcrest West
  • Instead of travelling to Smales Farm Station, travel to Glenfield Shops via Chartwell Ave.
Beach Haven to Takapuna, via Glenfield and Smales Farm Stn or Highbury and Northcote Shops*
(*service operates in both directions)
  • From Glenfield Rd instead of traveling via Bentley Ave, Chartwell Ave, Lingfield St, Blenheim St into Archers, instead travel right into Chivalry Rd, left into Archers Rd, then as per proposed route.
  • Between Northcote Shops and Akoranga Dr travel via Lake Rd (not through shops) and Akoranga Dr instead of via College Rd.
  • Operate via North Shore Hospital (all trips).
Devonport Ferry Terminal to Akoranga Stn via Takapuna
  • Route through Devonport, via Victoria Rd, Albert Rd, not King Edward Parade, Church St and Vauxhall Rd.
  • Change terminus at northern end of the route from Smales Farm Station to Akoranga Station.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night, more frequency at peak and after 7pm.
Takapuna to Bayswater Ferry Terminal
  • Travel via Jutland Rd and Francis St, Charles St, Walter St loop, not Hart Rd.
  • Shorten route to terminate at Takapuna.
Milford to Takapuna via North Shore Hospital
  • Extend hours to include peak and weekends.
Albany Stn to Takapuna via Beach Rd and North Shore Hospital
  • No longer travel via Sunrise Ave to Constellation Station.
  • Now travels between Albany and Takapuna.
  • From Albany to Browns Bay route will follow N79 (as it was originally proposed), except via Medallion Dr, and Beach Rd instead of Deep Creek Rd. From Browns Bay to Takapuna, route will travel via Browns Bay Rd, Beach Rd, and follow route N41 to Smales Farm Station, then North Shore Hospital, Taharoto Rd, and Anzac St.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
Constellation Stn to Takapuna via Forrest Hill Rd
  • New route Constellation Station to Takapuna via Forrest Hill Rd (previously part of N31 to Bayswater).
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
Crown Hill to Smales Farm Stn via East Coast Rd
  • No change.

Campbells Bay to Constellation Stn via Sunnynook Stn

  • New route connecting Campbells Bay with Sunnynook Station, returning service to Aberdeen Rd, then travelling via Target Rd (was previously on route N49) and returning service to Caribbean Drive and Devonshire Rd.
Smales Farm Stn to Constellation Stn via Wairau Rd and Unsworth Heights
  • No change.
Smales Farm Stn to Constellation Stn via Windy Ridge
  • Now depart from Constellation Station then travel via Trias Rd, Athena Dr, Trias Rd, Totaravale Dr to Link Dr then as per proposed route. Southern end not to terminate at Windy Ridge but continue via Glenfield Rd, Archers Rd, Wairau Rd to Smales Farm Station.
  • Last bus later at night.
Browns Bay to Constellation Stn via Weatherly Rd and East Coast Rd
  • Northern end of route instead of travelling via Oteha Valley Rd to Albany, to travel via East Coast Rd, Glamorgan Dr, Geoffrey Rd, Weatherly Rd, Deep Creek Rd, Mizpah Rd, Beach Rd, Bute Rd to Browns Bay terminus.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
Albany Stn to Constellation Stn via Hugh Green Dr
  • No change.
Schnapper Rock to Constellation Stn
  • Now more direct to Constellation Station via Rothwell Ave, William Pickering Dr, Paul Matthews Rd and Upper Harbour Highway, not Rosedale Rd, Triton Dr and Apollo Dr.
Constellation Stn to North Harbour Industrial Estate Circuit
  • Now running as a loop (two directional) around the North Harbour Industrial Estate.
  • Due to service now almost exclusively serving the industrial estate it will operate Monday to Friday only.
Albany Stn to Fairview Heights circuit
  • No change.
Long Bay to Constellation Stn via Massey University and Bush Rd
  • Extended from Massey University to Constellation Station via Bush Rd, Paul Matthews Rd and Upper Harbour Highway.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
Torbay to Albany Stn via Oaktree Ave
  • Shorten route to operate between Browns Bay and Albany via Oaktree Ave.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
Windy Ridge to City Universities (peak service)
  • Trips from city to travel via Stafford Rd.
Birkenhead Wharf to Albany via Glenfield Rd, Constellation Stn and Massey University
  • Northern end of route, instead of traveling via Sunset Rd, Constellation Station, motorway and Albany Expressway, travel length of Albany Highway and onto Massey Uni.
  • Southern end of route extend to Birkenhead Wharf.
  • First bus in morning earlier, last bus later at night.
  • Service will now operate weekends.
Chatswood to City Universities (peak service)
  • Additional inter-peak trips between Verrans Corner and Highbury via Chatswood.
  • Trips from city to travel via Stafford Rd.
Beach Haven Wharf to City Universities via Verbena Rd
  • Trips from city to travel via Stafford Rd.
Highbury to Newmarket via Ponsonby Rd and Auckland Hospital*
  • Extend peak services (am and pm) to operate around Beach Haven loop.
  • First bus in morning earlier.

(*peak services will operate around the Beach Haven loop and start/finish at Verrans Cnr)

Henderson to Constellation Stn via Greenhithe
  • No change
W5c Express
  • Service removed.

Since the New Network for North Shore was announced in 2016, we have investigated further into the routes around Hobsonville and Greenhithe and it became apparent there was greater need for service from Hobsonville to Constellation Station than from the western end of Upper Harbour Drive (between Tauhinu Rd and Bernard Magnus Ln) to Constellation Station.

Currently only 3 to 4 people board on this section of Upper Harbour Drive each day. Spread over the four trips this is only 1 person per trip, and quite often zero people. Therefore we have decided to remove the W5c route that was shown in the final New Network for the North Shore and use these resources to provide a 15 minute frequency at peak times on the 120 between Hobsonville and Constellation Station.

Late night weekend services No special 'NiteRider' services but extended hours on some services Friday/Saturday nights and into the following mornings.

Hours of operation and frequency of services

See the hours of operation and frequency of service (PDF 433KB).

North Shore buses through the city centre

The future city bus routes for North Shore buses were not part of the consultation, although we did provide information within the consultation brochure. The reason for not asking for feedback, is that there is very little scope for change in the way buses circulate in the city centre, due to the routing being dependent on several large projects (including the CRL enabling works), as well as being subject to change as these develop.

In the proposals, 3 routes were shown in the city centre: Route Path 1 (red) to Britomart (Lower Albert St); Route Path 2 (blue) to City universities; and Route Path 3 (green) to Newmarket via Ponsonby, Karangahape Rd and Auckland City Hospital.

Proposed city centre bus routes

Original proposed routes into the city centre

City centre bus routes after consultation

Final city centre bus routes from the North Shore

Following consultations, we intended to operate route paths 1 and 3 as shown on the proposed map, however there was a change to Route Path 2.

Due to a need to reduce the number of buses on Fanshawe St, Route Path 2 was shown using Beaumont St and Victoria St instead of Halsey St.

On the consultation map of the city centre, Fanshawe St by Victoria Park was shown as a transfer point for passengers wanting to connect between North Shore services. The change described above would mean that transferring would no longer be possible at this point, however the majority of passengers would have the opportunity to change buses prior to this, either at busway stations or at other stops on the North Shore. There would also be the option of catching other, non-North Shore buses, within the city centre to complete a journey.

It was also intended that the route through the city centre for these buses will be a loop travelling via Victoria St, Bowen Ave, Waterloo Quadrant, Symonds St to Wellesley St. Buses would then return to the North Shore via Wellesley St, Victoria St, Beaumont St to the Northern Motorway.

After further work on the city centre routes for the Central Suburbs New Network, the North Shore routes following Route Path 2 are now planned to enter and exit the city centre via Halsey St and Wellesley St.  However these city centre routes are still subject to change as the CRL and other city centre projects progress.

Simpler fares

Under the New Network some journeys may require a transfer. In August 2016, we introduced a new zone-based fare system that makes transferring easier. With an AT HOP card, a fare is calculated based on the number of zones you travel through as part of your journey, regardless of whether you make a transfer.

Find out more about the zone-based fare system.



We plan to roll out the New Network for the North Shore in mid 2018. Dates will be updated as they are confirmed.

The next step for the North Shore is to finalise the route descriptions and timetables of the new services, for inclusion in PTOM tender specifications.

We will run an extensive information campaign leading up to the implementation of changes for North Shore. New timetables will be available ahead of time so passengers can plan their journeys.

For more information

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