New Network for Warkworth New Network for Warkworth

On 30 September 2018, we launched a new bus network for Warkworth and the Kowhai Coast.

Warkworth is now connected to Hibiscus Coast Station in Silverdale with bus route 995.

Bus routes 996 and 997 replaced the Kowhai Connection. These services operate 7 days a week.


The changes to the Warkworth and Kowhai Coast network are part of an exciting new bus network for the Auckland region. Find out more about the new public transport network.

Benefits for Warkworth and Kowhai Coast

  • Warkworth is now connected to the rest of Auckland’s public transport network
  • Buses operate 7 days a week.
  • You can pay your fare using an AT HOP card which gives you at least 25% discount off single trip cash bus, train and ferry fares (excludes Waiheke ferry services).
  • SuperGold card holders can get a SuperGold concession loaded onto a gold AT HOP card. A SuperGold concession allows free travel on trains and selected bus and ferry services in Auckland after 9am on weekdays and all day weekends and public holidays.
  • More direct connections between Warkworth and the Kowhai Coast.

What this means for Warkworth and the Kowhai Coast

Route 995

  • Direct route between Warkworth and Hibiscus Coast Station in Silverdale.
  • Passengers can transfer at Hibiscus Coast Station to buses for Hibiscus Coast, North Shore and Auckland City Centre.
  • This service operates every 30 minutes at peak times (Monday to Friday) and hourly at other times.

View the 995 bus route map (PDF 308KB)

Route 996:

  • operates between Warkworth, Snells Beach and Algies Bay.
  • has 8 trips per day on weekdays and 4 on Saturdays and Sundays.

View the 996 bus route map (PDF 253KB)

Route 997:

  • operates between Warkworth, Matakana, Point Wells and Omaha.
  • has 7 trips per day on weekdays and 4 on Saturdays and Sundays.

View the 997 bus route map (PDF 248KB)

Fares and concessions

  • You can pay using an AT HOP card, a reusable prepay smart card for travel on trains, ferries and buses around Auckland.
  • SuperGold card holders will need to purchase a gold AT HOP card to receive a SuperGold concession.
  • Blue AT HOP cards are available for purchase from Warkworth New World and Matakana Four Square.
  • Accessible, Child, Secondary student and Tertiary student concessions are also available
  • Find out more about the AT HOP card

AT uses a zone-based system to calculate bus fares. Your fare will be based on the number of zones you travel through. Warkworth and all destinations on the 996 and 997 fall within a new 'Warkworth' fare zone.

Journey AT HOP fare Cash fare
Adult fare within Warkworth zone $1.90 1 zone $3.50 per bus taken
Child fare within Warkworth zone $0.99 1 zone $2 per bus taken
Adult fare Warkworth - anywhere on Hibiscus Coast $3.30 2 zones 2 zone fare ($5.50) + 1 zone fare ($3.50) = $9
Adult fare Warkworth - Waitematā Station (Britomart) (Lower Albert St) $7.50 5 zones 2 zone fare ($5.50) + 4 zone fare ($9) = $14.50

Accessible resources

Public consultation

The Warkworth and Kowhai Coast bus consultation took place in July and August 2014. We received 396 responses.

Read the full consultation summary for Warkworth (PDF 740KB)

Where to next

AT will monitor the patronage and performance of the new bus services. As population growth continues and key roading projects are completed, AT will, subject to available funding, develop the bus network to better serve Warkworth and the Kowhai Coast.

Published 19 June 2018 | Last updated 26 October 2018
Information is correct at the time of publishing and subject to change

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.