Laurina Road, Sunnynook - Parking restrictions Laurina Road, Sunnynook - Parking restrictions

Proposal status: updated 7 May 2019

Reference number: RTV-1125

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In March 2019, we proposed to introduce P30 parking restrictions (four parking spaces only) on Laurina Road in Sunnynook.

Download the proposal drawing for Laurina Road (PDF 496KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve parking turnover and would also provide a safer environment in the area.

Visitors to the area who require short-term parking, to pick up and drop off children from the child care centre, currently do not have adequate parking options due to cars parking in these spaces long-term.

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. A summary of this feedback and answers to community questions and concerns is below.

Feedback received

This proposal received positive responses from community members and stakeholders who supported the implementation parking restrictions on Laurina Road in Sunnynook.

  • Suggestion that one or two designated drop-off/ pick-up parks would be adequate. Auckland Transport is aiming to improve safety in relation to parents picking up and dropping off of children. Our investigation shows that four spaces are needed to make a significant change the current situation.
  • Query regarding where signs will be situated. We will install two signs on the outer edges of the affected parking spaces (on the footpath) with corresponding arrows pointing in, clearly showing which spaces will have the new P30 parking restrictions. This placement complies with legal requirements.

Next steps

This work will happen within the next 6 months, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.