Mangere East and Manukau Preferred Cycling Networks Mangere East and Manukau Preferred Cycling Networks

As part of a region-wide programme for cycling, we’re developing safe cycling networks in the Māngere East and Manukau areas, along with supporting activities to encourage people to get on their bikes. 

This 10-year programme will get more people on bikes, increase travel choices, and provide safety, health, and environmental benefits.

Project overview

The Auckland Cycling Programme Business Case identified Māngere East and Manukau as priority areas for investment in cycling. With investment in safe cycle facilities and supporting activities, both areas have significant potential for cycling growth.

We’re investigating opportunities to increase the number of people cycling by developing a Preferred Cycling Network for each area, to be delivered over eight years, from 2024 to 2031.

We’ll also deliver supporting activities for each area, working with the community to promote biking for fun and as transport and overcome barriers to riding. These activities might include increasing bike ownership and access to bikes, building riding confidence and skills, and improving bike storage and security, and maintenance.

Interconnected cycle routes, either cycleways or shared walking and cycling paths, create a ‘cycling network’. This network enables people to cycle safely around their community – whether heading to work, the park, or the local dairy.

Download flyer for Proposed Manukau cycling network (PDF 2.1 MB, 2 pages) [English] [Samoan]

Download flyer for Proposed Māngere East cycle network (PDF 2.1 MB, 2 pages) [English] [Samoan]

Map of proposed Manukau cycling network (more details in the flyer)

Map of proposed Māngere East cycling network (more details in the flyer)

Project timeline

March 2021 – December 2021

  • Working with Māngere East and Manukau partners, stakeholders, and community representatives to understand the barriers to cycling and how we can target our investment to address these.
  • Developing a proposed cycling network and set of supporting activities based on the priorities raised by our community partners.

March 2022 to mid 2022

Public engagement on the proposed cycling network for each area and development of concept cycle route designs, resulting in an eight-year programme of cycle improvements.

Mid 2022 to late 2022

Finalising the business case and seeking funding to deliver the cycling improvements.

2023 to 2024

Further design work and community engagement for each area.

2024 – 2031

Delivery of the proposed cycling network and roll-out of supporting activities.

Long term benefits of cycling

Cycling is a great way to travel and can be an easy alternative to taking the car for short to medium trips. It’s affordable, great for health and wellbeing, and helps make our communities nicer places in which to live, work, and get around.

Increasing cycling means:

  • More travel choice
  • Healthier, happier communities 
  • Less congestion
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Next steps

In the first half of 2022, we’ll develop a Preferred Cycling Network for Māngere East and for Manukau and start concept design work on the cycle routes that comprise the two networks.

By helping us better understand the local context and what Māngere East and Manukau communities value, your feedback will inform this process and how we deliver a cycling network in each area.

Once the Preferred Cycling Networks and supporting activities are identified, we’ll continue designing each cycling route and planning for delivery. Delivery is intended to begin in 2024 with continued opportunities for public feedback to inform the work we are completing throughout the design and delivery stages.

We’re focused on ensuring that community needs and expectations are met. In 2021, regular engagement with partners, stakeholders, and community representatives guided the project. We’ll maintain this approach and work closely with each community throughout the project’s duration.