Auckland Transport's Annual Report released

Auckland Transport (AT) has released its Annual Report for the 2020/21 financial year which highlights some outstanding results.

Despite a challenging year with COVID-19 having a substantial impact on operations, AT achieved a significant cash operating surplus (retained by council), an exceptional capital programme delivery of 96 per cent of target for the financial year ended 30 June 2021, and a strong performance against the Statement of Intent key performance indicators set by Auckland Council.

The year included very positive progress on key infrastructure such as the Downtown redevelopment programme, the new Puhinui interchange, Eastern Busway Stage 1 and the Karangahape Road enhancement.

The Annual Report is a testament to AT’s commitment in delivering a world class transport network that is safe, connected, delivers value for money and easy journeys for customers, and signals an acceleration in its response to climate change.

AT’s Board Chair Adrienne Young-Cooper says that the unpredictability of this year created a complex and uncertain environment.

“We could not have predicted the combined impact that working from home, fewer international students or international tourists in Auckland and changed COVID-19 related travel behaviours would have on public transport patronage and private vehicle use.

“Our high quality emergency planning and operations expanded to include scenario and resilience planning on an ongoing basis, on the understanding we needed to expect the unexpected.”

This year more than 50 per cent of AT's capital and operating programme was funded by the Crown, through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Crown Infrastructure Partners and the COVID-19 Response funding.

Mrs Young-Cooper says that this funding was significant.

“We acknowledge and are thankful for the high level of support from both Council and Government enabling AT to continue providing the transport services Aucklanders expect to move around freely and safely.”

Chief Executive, Shane Ellison, says he is extremely proud of AT’s performance – with the effects of COVID-19 making these results even more remarkable.

“I’m extremely proud of Auckland Transport’s operating performance in 2021. We started the year with huge uncertainty and needing to adapt as a result of COVID-19. Statement of Intent targets and budgets were set, as they were across the whole Auckland Council whānau, on the assumption that there would be no more lockdowns. Hindsight tells us that this was not to be, and it makes our operational and financial performance even more impressive.”

As well as delivering infrastructure, AT also delivered a wide range of day-to-day services and new technology, and advocated on behalf of Aucklanders on the large amount of policy reform proposed by Central Government.

AT achieved a positive surplus before tax for 2020/21 of $647.9 million, which was $27.1m favourable to the budget.

AT’s net asset position is $21.9 billion, up $0.8b from last year.

Total revenue for the year was $2,007m against a budget of $2,056.7m; total expenditure was $1,359.1m against a budget of $1,435.9m.

View the latest Auckland Transport Annual Report here