Our vision and mission Our vision and mission

Purpose, promise, values

Our purpose, promise, values and principles go to the heart of our culture – who we are as an organisation, how we behave, our aspirations and what we want to achieve together for Auckland.

  • Our purpose: Why we exist.
  • Our promise: Who we serve.
  • Our values: Who we are.
  • Our principles: How we do it.


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Connecting people and communities


Our Customers
Our Communities
Our People
Our Partners


Better, bolder, together

We dream big and have a sense of pride in all that we do, including everyone on our journey.
We continuously strive for excellence to make a positive difference to the communities we serve.
We trust our people, back each other, celebrate successes and learn from our experiences.
We take personal responsibility for everything we do, challenge the norm and encourage creativity to be better.

We connect

We genuinely listen and engage with our communities, partners and each other.
We invite open conversation and feedback seeking understanding to move forward together.
We collaborate and freely share our knowledge to help others learn and grow.
We are one team regardless of what we do or where we sit.

Safe with us

We are free to be who we are, and diversity is our strength.
We ensure people’s safety when they use our network and services.
We strive to protect people from harm and create a thriving and safe workplace.
We create a healthy and sustainable environment for people to enjoy.

We care … Full stop

We care for each other, our communities and partners.
We do what we say we will do and we always have good intent.
We build reciprocal relationships through shared experiences and belonging to a wider community.
We stand up to be counted while respecting other’s views.


People come first

We put people and safety at the heart of everything we do.

Movement over mode

Connected and accessible ways to travel, with more choices.

Moving forward together

Collective smarts and systems. Working collaboratively with partners to deliver better outcomes.

Thoughtful stewardship

Kaitiakitanga of a sustainable place for our tamariki and mokopuna.

Progress with purpose

There is a plan for our region’s transportation needs, for now and into the future. Investing resources wisely.

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