Safe speeds programme Safe speeds programme

Auckland Transport’s Vision Zero goal for Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is to have no one die or be seriously injured on our roads by 2050. Our Safe Speed Programme is an important component that helps in creating a road network that ensures speed limits are safe for everyone who is using our roads.

Road users include people walking and cycling, kids walking to and from school, or riding scooters and bikes. It also includes the elderly on mobility scooters, people shopping in town centres, and people in vehicles and trucks.

Safe speeds save lives

Evidence shows safe speed limits do work. Speed management is a proven and effective way to improve safety. Safe speeds save lives and prevent debilitating injuries. If we do nothing, over the next five years one in two Aucklanders will be personally connected to someone seriously injured or killed on our roads

Vision for Auckland

Imagine Auckland as a city with improved road safety, where kids are safe to walk and bike to school, older people feel less vulnerable crossing town centre roads and both rural and urban roads are safe for all road users with reduced road trauma and no deaths. It is possible if we all play our part.

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Speed changes happening now

In Phase 2 of the Safe speeds programme, AT is implementing safe speed limits on more than 800 roads.

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Proposed speed limit changes - Phase three

AT is proposing to set new permanent speed limits on approximately 1646 roads around Auckland.

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Safe speeds - the reasons

Safe speed limits save lives. Understand AT’s safe speed programme

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Safe Speeds Around Schools

From 30 June to 28 July 2022, a safe speed limit of 30km/h will be implemented around schools.

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Safe speeds in town centres

Town Centres are busy – AT is making them safe for all road users

Residential Parking 294

Residential Speed Management programme

Learn more about our Residential Speed Management programme.

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Safe speeds on rural roads

AT is reviewing speed limits on rural roads, and where appropriate adopting new safe speeds.

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Katoa, Ka Ora – Auckland Transport's Speed management plan

Find out why we are making a speed management plan for Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

Safe speed programme to date

 What has been achieved around speed limit changes throughout Auckland 

Changing speeds under the Speed Limits Bylaw

The new Speed Limits Bylaw came into force on 30 June 2020.

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