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This page outlines AT’s bylaws, which ensure the safe use of the transport system.

What are bylaws?

Bylaws are rules made by local councils/authorities, under national legislation, which provide location-specific rules for different topics. Bylaws, once approved, enable AT to take action against people who contravene the rules of the bylaw.   

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are the two main bylaw-making authorities in Auckland. Auckland Transport can make bylaws to help manage issues related to transport and public safety on Auckland’s transport network. It is important to note that the state highway network, including motorways, is managed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Bylaws are generally reviewed every five to ten years. The process to make or review a bylaw involves public consultation to help make our bylaws as useful as possible and reflect the needs of Aucklanders.

AT has four bylaws that are made under the Land Transport Act 1998 and/or the Local Government Act 2002 which apply to the Auckland transport system.

Why do we need them?

The purpose of our bylaws is to enable AT to take action against individuals whose behaviour leads to safety or operational risk and also to act as a deterrent against any such behaviour occurring. They form part of AT’s role in contributing to an effective, efficient and safe transport system in the public interest.

What do the AT bylaws cover?

Each bylaw has different topics and content. The following table outlines some key topics and what bylaw you will find it in.

Topic Which bylaw covers it


Traffic Bylaw

Safe driving

Traffic Bylaw

Special vehicle lanes

Traffic Bylaw

Road restrictions

Traffic Bylaw


Signs Bylaw

Election signs

Signs Bylaw

Construction work

Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw


Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw

Damage to the street

Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw

Vehicle crossings

Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw


Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw

Street trading (including micro-mobility)

Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw

Livestock movement

Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw

Temporary traffic management

Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw

Speed limits

Speed Limits Bylaw

How do I get approval?

Each bylaw page contains information on how to get approval for activities that comply with the applicable bylaws.

The four bylaws are below. Legacy bylaws are those bylaws that existed prior to the current bylaws AT operates under. These are revoked upon the approval of the bylaws by the AT Board. The new bylaws all contain guidance on the transition arrangements for approvals under the legacy bylaws.

Parking High St 294

Traffic bylaw 2012

This bylaw allows AT to set requirements for parking and control of traffic on roads under AT’s control.


Signs Bylaw 2022

This joint AT / Auckland Council bylaw oversees the placement of signage in (and beyond) the road corridor. 

Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw 2022

This bylaw provides the framework for approval of a range of activities that are not related to traditional traffic management.

Safe Speeds 30Kmh

Speed limits Bylaw 2022

This bylaw allows AT to set the maximum speeds of vehicles on roads where AT is the RCA. The bylaw is part of Auckland Transport's Safe Speeds programme. 

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