Auckland Transport

Jet skis & personal watercraft

Personal watercraft (PWC) must be registered for Auckland, Northland and Waikato regions.

A personal watercraft (PWC) is a power-driven vessel with a fully enclosed hull. It does not take on water if capsized, and is designed to be operated by a person standing, sitting astride, or kneeling on it, but not sitting within it. A jet ski is an example of a PWC.

Registering your personal watercraft

PWC registration is a one-off registration, valid for the lifetime of the machine. Registration was introduced to make PWC owners accountable and also to record craft identification, in case it gets stolen.

To register:

  1. Download the Personal Watercraft guide and Registration Form (PDF 356KB)
  2. Include the registration fee of $53.50 (plus $20 for registration stickers, if required)
  3. Post or email your completed form and fee to:

    Harbourmaster's office
    Auckland Transport
    Private Bag 92250
    Auckland 1142


We will confirm your registration in writing.

Payment options

  • cheque or money order made payable to Auckland Transport
  • Harbourmaster's Office, Auckland Marine Rescue Centre, 3 Solent Street, Mechanics Bay
  • internet or phone banking: 02 0192 0122888 03 Reference: 50006589 and your name
  • any Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) branch: 02 0192 0122888 03 Reference: 50006589 and your name


  • prices are inclusive of GST.
  • standard stickers supplied are black numbers.
  • if your jet ski is black, let us know on your registration form. We can then supply white numbers.
  • you can organise your own stickers in a constrasting colour of font of your own choice.
  • registration stickers must be above the water, clearly visible and on both sides of the craft. Registration stickers must be 90mm in height.

Registering your PWC in person

Visit the Harbourmaster's office:

Marine Rescue Centre Building
Ground Floor
3 Solent Street
Mechanics Bay

Free parking is available on site.

Transferring ownership

You must register a change of ownership of your personal watercraft and jet skis. There is no cost to do this.

  1. The new owner must download the Personal Watercraft guide and Registration Form (PDF 356KB)
  2. Email Harbourmaster or post or your completed form to:

    Harbourmaster's office
    Auckland Transport
    Private Bag 92250
    Auckland 1142
  3. We will confirm the change of ownership in writing.

Using your personal watercraft from outside Auckland

It is illegal to use an unregistered personal watercraft in Auckland's waters. Auckland Transport will grant exemptions for craft competing in events organised by the Auckland Jetsport Association, for the duration of the event only.

Both Waikato and Northland regions have introduced bylaws requiring PWC to be registered. These craft may be used in Auckland's waters.

Jetski and personal watercraft use and registration guide

Speed and safety regulations

  • Speed and safety regulations are strictly enforced
  • Refer to the Navigation Safety Bylaw that came into effect from Labour weekend 2014. The Navigation Safety Bylaw is an Auckland Council bylaw.
  • Enforcement officers may fine people using an unregistered jet ski or personal water craft

Other queries

Email or phone 09 362 0397.

Licencing a boat

For boat licencing enquiries, contact Maritime New Zealand