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Local notices to mariners Local notices to mariners

Notices to mariners cover events, local issues and infrastructure issues that may affect navigation in the Auckland region.

Local navigation warnings

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Notice: 27-18 Temporary starboard marking on approach to Hobsonville Marina

Temporary deployment of starboard hand marker buoy replacing the damaged #11 beacon. The temporary buoy is located on the inside of the channel in line with the broken beacon. The remaining beacon post can be seen at low water.

Please use caution while navigating in the area.

Map of temporary starboard marking approaching Hobsonville Marina
Not to be used for navigation

Thomas Nance
Maritime Officer

Notice: 26-18 Deployment of scientific equipment in Karepiro Bay

Redeployment to new locations, service and retrieve scientific instruments in and round the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve.

Instruments will record a combination of wave, tide, currents and turbidity to provide a better understanding of the potential impacts of catchment derived sediments and contaminants on the marine receiving environment (which includes the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve).

The three scientific buoys will be moved to the new locations as described below.

Buoys to be in place until 20 July 2018.

New locations:

  • AK1 174° 44' 56.4" S 36° 39' 11.5" E
  • AK2 174° 44' 37.6" S 36° 39' 7.2" E
  • AK3 174° 44' 48.1" S 36° 39' 24.4" E

Deployment of scientific equipment - Karepiro Bay
Not to be used for navigation

Thomas Nance
Maritime Officer

Notice: 25 – 18 RNZAF Survival Training 11-22 June 2018

The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) SERE Training Centre will be conducting an aircrew
survival course over the period 11 to 22 June 2018.

The STC intends to operate three training ‘Becker’ Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and use
Smoke/Flares during field exercises.

Becker Hex Codes are as follows:

  • Hex code: 401D5E8FF6FFBFF
  • Hex code: 401D5E8FFAFFBFF
  • Hex code: 401D5E8FFCFFBFF

Please be advised of the following activity:

  • 11 June 1.15pm to 3.15pm
    Location: Pyrotechnic training area, RNZAF Base Auckland
    Signalling devices including pyrotechnics (day/night hand held flares and miniflares) during the ground training phase.
  • 11 June 4pm to 9pm
    Location: Philomel, Devonport 36°49.703’ S 174°46.920 E
    Signalling devices including pyrotechnics (day/night hand held flares) during the sea survival phase.
    We will also be activating 1 x Training Becker Beacon.
  • 13 June 12pm to 14 June 8am
    Location: Kaipara Air Weapons Range (KAWR) 36° 28.054’ S 174° 11.616’ E
    Signalling devices including signal fires, pyrotechnics (day/night hand held flares) and ground to air markings during the sea coast survival phase.
    We will also be activating 3 x Training Becker Beacons.

Please note that there may be variations in these co-ordinates when the groups are inserted into the

Please note that the beacons are all TEST coded, and though they will be detected by Cospas / Sarsat
LEO, GEO and MEO systems, no alerts will be sent to RCCNZ.

Gareth Williams, Maritime Officer

Notice: 24-18 Geotech Drilling Freemans Bay Commercial Port Area

Geotech seabed drilling operations within Freemans Bay Commercial Port Area will commence on Monday 21 May 2018. The drilling operations will be conducted from the tug and barge Maui which will have a listening watch on VHF Channels 12 and 16.

Drilling operations will be Monday to Friday between the hours of 0600 hours to 1800 hours for a 4 week period.

Drill sites have been identified with drilling been undertaken at Wynyard wharf, Hobson West and Halsey Street wharf.

Vessels are requested to keep wake to a minimum when drilling operations are in progress.

Local Notice to Mariners 24 - 18 Geotech Drilling  Freemans Bay Commeric...-1

Not to be used for navigation

Bruce Goff, Maritime Officer

Notice: 15-18 Manukau Harbour

All mariners please be advised that as of the 30 March 2018 the South Head signal station at the entrance to the Manukau Harbour will no longer be maintaining a watch and Ports of Auckland will no longer routinely survey the Manukau Bar.

All mariners should proceed with caution while navigating in this area.

Local Notice to Mariners 15 -18 South Head signal station

Not to be used for navigation

Wesley Klopper, Maritime Officer

Notice: 04-18 Half Moon Bay, Bucklands Beach marina damaged breakwater, low wake zone

All mariners are reminded to reduce their speed to 5 knots and/or their minimum steerage speed, in order to create a low wake while in the vicinity of the Bucklands Beach Marina. The breakwater was damage with the recent storm event and requires extensive repair. Mariners should navigate with caution while in this area.

Local Notice to Mariners 04 -18 Half Moon Bay, Bucklands Beach marina damaged breakwater, low wake zone

Not to be used for navigation

Christiaan Moss, Deputy Harbourmaster

Notice: 50-17 Navigation Hazard: Sunk Yacht - Henderson Creek

All mariners are advised of a yacht 9.7 meters in length that has sunk in the Henderson Creek, potentially impeding navigation. The yacht lies on the eastern side of the creek bank.

GPS coordinates:

  • Latitude 36° 44' 123
  • Longitude 174° 46' 123

All mariners are advised to navigate with extreme caution when transiting the creek.

Navigation Hazard - Sunk Yacht in Henderson Creek

Map not to be used for navigation.

Bruce Goff - Maritime Officer

Notice 22-17: Wairoa River, fallen tree (upper reaches), 20 July 2017

All Mariners are advised that a large tree has fallen into the upper reaches of the Wairoa River, potentially impeding navigation.

GPS coordinates:

  • Latitude 36°58’840
  • Longitude 175°02’655 

All mariners are advised to navigate with extreme caution in this area.

Notice 22–17 map

Map is not to be used for navigation.

Bruce Goff, Maritime Officer

Notice 08-17: Chart Plotters - updated 14 March 2017

All Mariners are reminded that electronic chart plotters are to be used as an aid to navigation and paper charts should be updated and consulted.

Electronic raster charts used on some plotters may not incorporate the latest chart corrections.

Mariners are reminded to use up to date charts for navigation and advised to contact their plotter supplier if in doubt.

Harbourmaster’s Office

Notice 15-16: Construction work north face Ferguson Terminal

Significant construction work is taking place on the northern face of Ferguson Container Terminal. All mariners, in particular ferry operators, are asked to reduce their speed (5 knots within 200 meters) and keep wake to a minimum when transiting this area.

Notice 15 16 Ferguson Terminal

Marc Davis, Maritime Officer

Pest warning: Mediterranean Fanworm

The Mediterranean Farmworn is a pest which has been spotted in the Waitemata Harbour / inner Hauraki Gulf, as well as the Whangarei Harbour and Lyttleton Port.

Keep your boat's hull clean to reduce the risk of this pest clinging and causing damage to our marine life.

Marine Biosecurity Information: New Rules & Regulations

Marine pests spread easily through ballast water and hull fouling, including Mediterranean fanworm (Sabella spallanzanii) and Clubbed tunicate (Styela clava). Check to ensure your hull is clean and be aware of other regions rules before leaving Auckland.

Visit for more information and to check marine biosecurity rules and regulations for different regions in the northern North Island.

Read further information on marine pests (PDF 334KB)

Weather information

For up-to-date weather information, visit the MetService website.

For VHF radio continuous weather forecast, please listen on Ch 20, 21, 22, 23 (channel depending on location).