Albert Street, Auckland Central – Temporary parking changes Albert Street, Auckland Central – Temporary parking changes

Proposal status: Feedback closed

Reference number: RTV-384

Proposal outcome

In November 2021 we proposed changes to improve the use of central city facilities, by temporarily converting the bus lanes on Albert Street into parking for local businesses and customers to use. These changes are in response to construction happening on Albert Street for the City Rail Link (CRL), which has meant the northbound bus lane is temporarily not in operation. After carefully reviewing the feedback submitted by the public, we are proceeding with the work as proposed. These works will help support our Vision Zero goal. 

What happens next

We anticipate the changes will be implemented in March 2022. 

Community feedback

Thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge. People supporting our proposal to introduce temporary parking changes noted that it will make more parking available for people visiting residents in nearby apartment buildings and local businesses.

Here is a summary of other comments and questions we received and our responses to them.

  • Suggestion on how the space should be used whilst CRL works are happening: in the morning it would be nice to see some underutilised bus lane space used for parking and or loading zones for builders, as there is no parking available for builders doing work in the city. 
    Since buses are not currently using Albert Street (in the northbound direction), this proposal focuses on temporarily creating more parking spaces and loading zones, which will support builders and businesses in the area during this time. However, all other bus lanes in and around the city are heavily utilised in the morning and evening peak times, and will remain as bus lanes to ensure a smooth operation of public transport. 
  • Request for more parking to be created on Albert Street, as it is difficult to find available parking. 
    On-street parking is a valuable public asset and is designed to meet a wide variety of community needs, particularly within the central city. Therefore, we cannot convert all on-street spaces on Albert Street into paid parking as there are many different businesses that need loading zones and bus stops. 
  • Request that the proposed paid parking is not introduced as there is concern that it will make Albert Street less safe for bikes and scooters. 
    No safety issues were raised by our Road Safety and Traffic Engineering Teams regarding the temporary introduction of parking and loading zone spaces on Albert Street. We believe that this proposal will not affect the safety of bike and scooter riders. If you notice poor parking behaviour within the temporary parking spaces, or loading zones, that may endanger other road users you can report these instances to our Parking Enforcement Team on 09 355 3553.  
  • Request for a loading zone to be restored outside of 8 Albert Street, as it was removed during the current City Rail Link construction works. The loading zone was well used by residents and City Med. Since it was removed, ambulances have had to park up and block vehicle entrances to the Quay West building. 
    The loading zone outside 8 Albert Street was removed as part of the Albert Street upgrades and not City Rail Link construction. Future plans for Albert Street are to make it a Public Transport corridor and therefore, there are no plans to reinstate the loading zone. You can request changes that you would like to see across Auckland via our online feedback form here 

We're proposing improvements in your area

We're temporarily converting the bus lanes on Albert Street into parking for shoppers and local businesses.

We are proposing to:

  • Convert the northbound bus lane from 17 to 23 Albert Street into 10 paid parking spaces.
  • Convert 22.5m of the northbound bus lane outside 9 to 11 Albert Street into a loading zone from 8 am to 2 pm and a bus stop at all other times.
  • Convert 22.5m of the northbound bus lane at 3 Albert Street into a bus stop.
  • Convert 20m of the northbound bus lane on Fanshawe Street, outside the entrance to Albert Street West Plaza Building, into a P5 loading zone.

Download the proposal drawing for Albert Street (PDF 230KB)

Buses aren't currently using the northbound bus lane on Albert Street. This is because of the City Rail Link (CRL) construction work happening at the intersection of Victoria Street and Albert Street.

We're proposing putting temporary paid parking restrictions and loading zones on Albert Street. They'll stay there until CRL work is finished and buses start using the bus lane again.

Demand for parking and loading zones in the city centre is high. These changes would make use of space that's currently not being used. They'll make it easier for businesses to get deliveries and for their customers to find parking.

Auckland Central: Safe with us

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, whether you're walking, cycling, or driving, Projects like this one around Albert Street are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures, like minor time saving.