Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket - P5 Loading Zone Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket - P5 Loading Zone

Proposal status: updated 6 March 2019

Reference number: RTV-193

We're proposing changes in your area

We are proposing to introduce a P5 Goods Vehicles Only loading zone outside 101 Carlton Gore Road in Newmarket.

This would be in effect Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm. We are also proposing a change in the operational times of the loading zone outside #103 which would be in force Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm.  

Download the proposal drawing for Carlton Gore Road (PDF 506KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes would improve the safety of people using the cycle lanes on the road by providing goods vehicles with a designated parking spot for making deliveries to properties along the road.

Currently some vehicles double park and obstruct the cycle lane, which then forces cyclists out of the protected lane and into general traffic. 

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.

Feedback received

A summary of this feedback and answers to community questions and concerns:

  • This proposal received positive responses from community members and stakeholders who supported the loading zone as it would improve safety for cyclists.
  • Concerns were raised about an existing shortage of parking for clients of local businesses, and how the proposal would exacerbate the situation. While AT recognises that this proposal would involve the removal of two paid parking spaces, we do feel that addressing the safety issues relating to obstruction of the cycle lane is of more importance. AT is of the opinion that there are sufficient options on Carlton Gore Road with approximately 50 spaces between the pedestrian crossing and Kingdon Street, there are also further options on George Street. AT operates a policy of demand responsive pricing whereby the price charged can be varied to achieve the 85% occupancy level which equates to 1 in 7 spaces being available.
  • Respondent did not feel that there were enough cyclists using the road to justify the proposal. AT considers the safety of any cyclist using the cycle lane as being of the upmost priority and is of the opinion that any cyclist should be able to use the cycle lane without any vehicle obstructing it.

Next steps

This work will happen in approximately 6 months time, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents prior to starting construction starting.