Jellicoe Rd, Panmure - Extension of clearway Jellicoe Rd, Panmure - Extension of clearway

Proposal status:  closed 5 July 2018

Reference number: RTV-170

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We are proposing to extend the existing clearway from 58 Jellicoe Road, up to the intersection with Pleasant View Road.

Download the proposal drawing for Jellicoe Road (PDF 202KB) 

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed as cars parked in this area reduce the traffic flow down to one lane, causing congestion. The extension of this clearway will allow for better flow of vehicles during peak times.

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. A summary of the community feedback we received and answers to questions and concerns is below.

Feedback received

  • Requests for permission to allow parking on grass verges when arterial road parking spaces are full from 8am to 6pm, because of the overflow parking at the railway station. Guests often have to park several blocks away when visiting. We are committed to an approach to manage parking, and its supply, that is sustainable in the long term. Therefore, our focus is on promoting the efficient use of the existing public parking resource in the first instance. The benefits of increasing the existing public parking supply needs to be weighed against the considerable consenting, capital and operational costs that it would incur.
    In addition, to change berms to parking areas is not favoured for the following reasons:
    • They allow storm water runoff to soak into the ground, reducing the load on the storm water system.
    • Utility services are frequently located within the grass berm and easy access is required for maintenance and repair by the service providers.
    • Many berms have trees planted in them and by concreting over the grassed area; it would compromise the health and well-being of these street trees.  We feel that current parking supply is adequate for the area and investment of significant public funds to widen the road to allow parking cannot be justified at this stage.
  • Request for additional parking to be added in the area as the adjoining streets, such as Green Road, Pilkington Road, Stewart Avenue, and Ireland Road, are quickly becoming congested with the parked vehicles of those who park and ride, and this should be included in proposed works to reduce congestion. Park and Ride is one of a number of strategies to increase access to the rapid transit network (RTN) in conjunction with feeder bus services, walking, and cycling and on-demand services.  At locations with limited walking, cycling or feeder bus services Park and Ride can be an effective means to access the RTN. Park and Ride plays a less significant role for accessibility in urban areas and is most effective on the urban-rural fringe where catchments are not well served by high quality, regular public transport services. Park and Ride facilities should be located where they intercept commuter traffic and vehicles accessing the facilities won’t worsen areas already experiencing local traffic congestion. Panmure is an urban location. Current Park and Ride capacity is higher than what would normally be supported for this type of town centre location and we have no plans to increase parking capacity. However, we recognise that significantly improved access to the RTN at Panmure is dependent on the completion of the AMETI (Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative) Eastern Busway project and anticipates maintaining current Park and Ride capacity until that time.
  • Request to extend the peak times from 4pm to 6pm, or 4:30pm to 6:30pm, to discourage people from parking on the road during this time. Currently, the 4:30pm – 5:30 pm clearway restrictions are working well in terms of allowing two southbound lanes. This proposal is extending the length of the clearway, which will further increase the network efficiency. Extending the clearway timing will have minimal impacts.  We may consider changes at the Mountain Road/Jellicoe Road/Pleasant View Road intersection in the near future.  
  • There should be no parking allowed on Jellicoe Road at all times due to the amount of congestion, and the difficulty in manoeuvring in and out of properties. Jellicoe Road is an arterial road catering for large volumes of traffic through peak hours; hence, we are proposing to install a clearway. Outside of peak hours, parking does not have a significant impact on the network.  We may consider layout changes at the Mountain Road/Jellicoe Road/Pleasant View Road intersection in the near future.  
  • Request for a metre and a half of broken yellow lines to be installed on either side of the driveway for property 42, as cars parked there reduce visibility and make it difficult to enter and exit the driveway. A site visit was made and it was determined that visibility exiting this driveway is adequate at the property boundary. At this stage, we will not be installing broken yellow lines either side of the driveway however, we may consider layout changes at the Mountain Road/Jellicoe Road/Pleasant View Road intersection in the near future.  This request will be considered as part of the plan.

Next steps

This work will happen between July 2018 and June 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.