Korora Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island - Broken yellow lines Korora Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island - Broken yellow lines

Proposal status: closed 21 March 2019

Reference number: BYL-382

We're proposing changes in your area

We are proposing to install No stopping at all times (broken yellow lines) restrictions from 10 to 14 Korora Road in Oneroa, Waiheke Island, and around the intersection.

Download the proposal drawing for Korora Road, Oneroa (PDF 1.28MB).

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve visibility on Korora Road. Currently, cars parked in this area are restricting traffic flow to one lane.

Due to the brow of the hill, this is resulting in a lack of visibility of on-coming traffic.

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. A summary of this feedback and answers to community questions and concerns is below.

Feedback received

  • This proposal received positive responses from community members and stakeholders who supported the increased visibility the proposal would enable, and the subsequent improvement to safety.
  • Respondents asserted that long term parking in this area had previously made it impossible to resurface this section of the road.
    Respondents requested that this section of the road be resurfaced before any lines are painted, as it is in bad condition.
    The road section will be resurfaced as part of the scheduled road resurfacing program. The road marking will also be remarked during the resurfacing process.
  • The respondent requested that AT decreases all speed near businesses on Waiheke to 40km/h, due to the use of the roads by cyclists and tourists. Waiheke is not currently included in the next speed management proposal to reduce speed. However, it will be up for prioritisation in future proposals.

Next steps

New construction date

We will be painting the broken yellow lines on Korora Road in October 2019.

Several similar construction projects are taking place on Waiheke in close proximity. We have been able to minimise disruption caused by construction by coordinating these works so that they take place at the same time. Our contractors will send notices to those directly affected 48-hours prior to works beginning.