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May Road, Mount Roskill - Pedestrian improvements May Road, Mount Roskill - Pedestrian improvements

Proposal status: closed 16 May 2019

Reference number: MIP1718-048

We're proposing changes in your area

We are proposing to improve walking connections and pedestrian safety along May Road, in Mount Roskill. This would involve a number of improvements, including:

  • Construction of signalized mid-block pedestrian crossings outside 127 and 101 May Road.
  • Installation of pedestrian refuges at the entrance to Marion Avenue and outside of 38 May Road, complete with tactile pavers.
  • Changes to bus stops as indicated in the drawing, including:
    • Relocation of the bus shelter outside 127 May Road to outside 119 May Road.
    • Relocation of the bus shelter outside of 101 May Road further towards the boundary with 105 May Road.
    • Relocation of the bus shelter outside of 100 May Road to outside of 106 May Road.
    • Removal of the bus stop outside of 76 May Road.
  • Slight shortening of the northbound bus lane that operates from 139 May Road to 101 May Road on weekdays from 7am - 10am.
  • Addition of broken yellow lines as indicated in the drawings, involving removal of on-street parking.
  • Substitution of a 9-lantern traffic signal on the Stoddard Road/May Road intersection to a 6-lantern traffic signal.
  • Changes to road markings, lighting, and signage as indicated in the drawings.

Download the proposal drawing for May Road (PDF 1.4MB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to establish safe crossing points where pedestrian demand is highest and will contribute to a safer road environment. 

After several recent crashes in this area, we have undertaken investigations into pedestrian safety along the May Road corridor. Based on the results of those investigations and given the high pedestrian demand in the area, we are proposing to introduce a number of measures aimed at calming high traffic speeds and improving pedestrian level of service.