Meadowbank Road & Harapaki Road, Meadowbank – Broken yellow lines Meadowbank Road & Harapaki Road, Meadowbank – Broken yellow lines

Proposal status: Feedback closed 23 July 2019, updated 26 August 2019

Reference number: BYL-391

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In July 2019, we proposed to introduce new No stopping at all times (broken yellow lines) parking restrictions around the intersection of Meadowbank Road and Harapaki Road in Mission Bay. This would involve the removal of approximately 5 parking spaces.

Download the proposal drawing for Meadowbank Road & Harapaki Road (PDF 344KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve tracking for buses, allowing them to manoeuvre the intersection safely.

Proposal outcome

The proposed changes will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being painted on the road. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Feedback received

Many respondents supported the proposal, pointing out how the changes would improve traffic flow at this intersection.

We are happy to hear that our proposal will have a positive impact on the community.

  • Request for additional Broken Yellow Lines near the Meadowbank Retirement Home to limit commuters from parking in the area. Because there are already parking restrictions around the retirement village, we are reluctant to remove additional car parking spaces, which are often important to the local community.
  • Request for additional Broken Yellow Lines on the corner of Tahapa Crescent and Meadowbank Road to address the issue of parked cars restricting the ability of buses to manoeuvre through the intersection. We are currently carrying out an investigation into problems with parking around this intersection. If our observations show that we should restrict parking here, we’ll develop a new design and ask for community feedback on this proposal.
  • Requests for additional Broken Yellow Lines near 77 Meadowbank Road, down Harapaki Road and down the service lane behind numbers 121 and 125 Meadowbank Road. Respondents are concerned that commuter cars parked throughout the day are restricting access to local businesses. Like the above request, we will investigate whether it is appropriate to install Broken Yellow Lines at these locations. Please note that these changes will not proceed as part of this proposal.
  • Request to trim a tree at 2 Harapaki Road, which is hanging over the road. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will send out a maintenance team to trim this tree.
  • Request for AT to invest in a multi-storey car park at the Meadowbank Train Station to ease parking demand on surrounding streets. A project like this would require significant investment and investigation. We are currently not considering a multi-storey car park at this location. Instead, we are continuously improving our bus network and its feeder services into and out of train stations.

Next steps

These works will happen by June 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.