Ronayne Street, Parnell - P5 Loading zone Ronayne Street, Parnell - P5 Loading zone

Proposal status: closed 14 May 2019

Reference number: RTV-219

We proposed changes in your area

We proposed to change paid on-street parking to a 35 metre P5 Loading Zone facility. 

Download the proposal drawing for Ronayne Street (PDF 224KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve parking opportunities for couriers and other goods vehicles.

Currently there is a lack of loading facilities for small and large service vehicles. The proposed loading zone would allow large trucks and truck/trailer combinations to safely load and unload goods in the area.

Proposal outcome

This project will not be proceeding to the next stage of detailed planning.

We have considered all the feedback received, most of which opposed the proposal. While we maintain that a loading zone is appropriate for Ronayne Street, we are concerned that larger transporter vehicles will not have enough room to enter or exit Ronayne Street safely.

While we haven’t been able to propose a suitable on-street option for the unloading of cars from vehicle transporters, we do recognise that this issue is present in other locations across Auckland. We are seeking to work with transport businesses, their customers and other stakeholders to facilitate proposals which address such behaviours and improve road safety.

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.

Feedback received

  • Respondent requested to turn parallel parking into angle parking, to increase the parking capacity of the street, instead of installing a loading zone.
    Our measurements show that angle parking is not appropriate for this location. At a 45-degree angle, a total depth of 8 metres is required to accommodate safe manoeuvring (this measurement excludes the main traffic lane). Half of Ronayne Street is approximately 7 metres wide, including the traffic lane, so there is insufficient space for safe turning and manoeuvring.