Dominion Road bus lane improvements Dominion Road bus lane improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) will start improving Dominion Road and Dominion Road bus services early in 2018.

Consultation status: Closed Wednesday 13 December 2017


In early 2018, we will be extending the bus lanes along Dominion Road and making them continuous between Horopito Street and Mt Albert Road.

When this is work is finished, the operating hours will increase by one hour in the morning and in the evening. City-bound from 7am to 10am (instead of 9am) and south-bound from 4pm to 7pm (instead of 6pm).

At the same time that we extend the bus lanes, we will carry out some other work. We will be relocating some bus stops, adding new bus stops and removing others. We will also be changing some pedestrian crossings and clearways. Read about the work details here.

Your feedback

We asked for feedback from property owners and occupiers directly affected by the proposed works  to find out if there are:

  1. Any land development proposals or issues that may affect the planned changes.
  2. Any site-specific safety issues that you think would affect the planned changes.

Next steps

Once we’ve received all feedback, we’ll publish a report which will include any changes made to the proposal and the next steps for the project.

If you provide your contact details when you give us feedback, we’ll contact you when this is available.