Bute Rd & Beach Rd, Browns Bay - Pedestrian crossing improvements Bute Rd & Beach Rd, Browns Bay - Pedestrian crossing improvements

Consultation status: closed 4 April 2018

Proposal reference: MIP1718-051

Proposal update 

We advised you in January 2019 that these works were scheduled to be constructed by June 2021. Unfortunately, the planning and design of this project has taken longer than anticipated so the construction of this project has been delayed. 

Next steps

This project now has a construction target of October 2021 – March 2022.  

We’re proposing changes in your area

We are proposing changes to the roundabout on Bute Road and Beach Road in Browns Bay including removing existing speed cushions and installing new raised speed tables and pedestrian crossings on all approaching roads.

The proposed changes also include a kerb build-out on the southeast corner of the roundabout and parking removal, with the removal of approximately 6-7 spaces.

Download the consultation drawing for Bute Road and Beach Road (PDF 742KB)

Why the changes are needed

This proposal aims to address pedestrian safety at the roundabout by improving the crossing facilities and reducing the speed of traffic approaching the roundabout.

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed with minor changes to the next stage of detailed planning. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. A summary of this feedback and answers to community questions and concerns is below.

Based on the feedback received, we have refined our proposal which will now proceed with the following changes:

  • The size of splitter islands on each leg of the roundabout will be reduced.
  • Speed table zebra crossings on Woodlands Crescent, and Beach Road (North) will be moved back slightly from the roundabout to allow space for one standard vehicle to wait before entering the roundabout.

Feedback received

  • This proposal received positive responses from community members and stakeholders who supported improved pedestrian facilities at this location.
  • Concerns over the potential length of works and disruption it could cause.
    This projects aims to improve pedestrian connections and calm traffic speeds at the intersection of Bute and Beach Roads, in Browns Bay. We expect that there will be some disruptions as a result of construction, which is unavoidable as is the case for many projects proposed for the road corridor. We will do our best to keep the public informed of the duration of the disruption. There will be standard temporary traffic management in place to ensure safety of road users. Construction will be carried out to meet appropriate quality and safety checks.
  • Suggestion that the proposed crossing facilities are unnecessary and that few pedestrians actually use designated crossing points in the area.
    Our investigations have concluded that pedestrian volumes are high enough to justify installation of facilities that will better prioritise pedestrians. Requests we have received from the public further indicate that improved pedestrian connections are needed. Although not all pedestrians will use the designated facilities, the project will significantly improve safety for the many pedestrians that do cross regularly at these points. Tactile pavers to cater to people of all ages and abilities will be included at all crossings and will comply with current safety standards.
  • Requests for further pedestrian crossing facilities on Beach Road, for example near the intersection with Inverness Road.
    Our investigations highlighted a need for pedestrian improvements at the intersection of Beach and Bute Roads due to foot traffic volumes. Auckland Transport will continue to monitor the intersection of Beach Road and Inverness Road for pedestrian crossing activity and will investigate further improvements depending on pedestrian demand.
  • Concern that location of pedestrian crossings next to a roundabout could cause accidents and increase traffic congestion. Suggestion that the existing refuges are sufficient.
    This is quite typical design for pedestrians at roundabouts and will provide an improvement over what is existing, especially as with the raised tables vehicles will be slowed down. Based on feedback, we have decided to move the crossings back slightly from the roundabout to ensure space for one standard vehicle between the crossing and the limit line. Slowing down of the vehicles does not cause any more congestion than what is already occurring.
  • Request for an additional pedestrian crossing near the Glen Road intersection.
    There is an investigation underway to investigate the possibility of a mid-block crossing for Bute Road.
  • Concern that footpath surface is uneven on the north side of Bute Road between the Norfolk apartments down past the old RSA building and apartment block beyond it.
    We have highlighted this issue for the Maintenance Team, who will upgrade and tidy up the footpath when it is prioritised.
  • Concern for potential length and quality of works due to previous works on Carlisle Road.
    We will coordinate with our contractors to ensure that construction is carried out in a timely and professional manner.
  • Concern over removal of parking.
    We recognise the value of on-street parking as a community resource and aim to remove it only where it poses significant safety and/or visibility issues. Parking removal as indicated in the proposal drawing will ensure sufficient visibility for drivers approaching the roundabout and for pedestrians using the crossing facilities.
  • Request for broken yellow lines directly around driveways on Beach Road to ensure access and visibility.
    Parking within one metre of a vehicle crossing or driveway is illegal and this is clearly outlined in the New Zealand (NZ) Road Code. All drivers are expected to be aware of the Road Code and may be subject to enforcement action if they park illegally. For this reason, Auckland Transport will only consider installing road markings where there is a regular history of enforcement action, which indicates the need to take additional measures.
    If you notice a vehicle is parked within one metre of this vehicle crossing and blocking access please call 09 355 3553 with the details of the vehicle.
  • Concern that the flush median on Beach Road between Bute Road and Glencoe Road is being used by vehicles in a way that is unsafe.
    These diagonal lines (flush median) help provide a wider separation between opposing traffic streams on either side of the road and provide a refuge for vehicles turning into and out of side roads and driveways. If drivers do utilise the flush median for these purposes, they need to take appropriate care before entering the flush median to ensure their safety and the safety of other road users around them.
  • Concern that vehicles are likely to travel at speed on approach to the roundabout.
    Installation of raised speed tables with zebra crossings as proposed will force drivers to slow and will raise driver awareness on their approach.
  • Concern that the roundabout will not be able to accommodate the turning movements of large vehicles and buses.
    As part of the proposal design, all necessary tracking and modelling was undertaken to ensure that the new layout will not have significant negative impacts on operation and manoeuvrability of vehicles.
  • Concern that the proposed roundabout works will conflict with construction trucks and other large vehicles that are likely to use this route as a result of ongoing development in Browns Bay (Aria Bay Retirement Village). Concern over limited parking for construction workers.
    There is significant construction planned in the area, however works for this project are not expected to be introduced until between July 2020 and June 2021. We will make sure to coordinate with other construction traffic management activities in the vicinity.