Kaipatiki Road and Easton Park Parade, Glenfield – Pedestrian crossing improvements Kaipatiki Road and Easton Park Parade, Glenfield – Pedestrian crossing improvements

Proposal status: Feedback closed 27 November 2019, last updated 18 February 2020.

Reference number: RSU1920-108

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In November 2019 we proposed to improve pedestrian safety near the roundabout at Kaipatiki Road and Easton Park Parade in Glenfield by upgrading the existing crossings and traffic islands. These improvements are part of a region-wide programme to improve the safety of pedestrian crossings at key locations such as schools. We want to make the pedestrian facilities near Glenfield College safer where many people are currently crossing the road.

This project is supported by the Regional Fuel Tax fund.

Changes proposed on Kaipatiki Road

At 49 Kaipatiki Road we will:

  • Install new zebra crossings, each raised onto a platform that is level with the footpath. This is expected to improve pedestrian access and safety by slowing traffic speeds.
  • Install a new pedestrian island between traffic lanes. This is will reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and prevent unsafe U-turns near the roundabout.

Changes proposed on Easton Park Parade

At 66 Easton Park Parade we will:

  • Install new kerb ramps on Easton Park Parade so that people walking and on wheels can move between the footpath and the road more easily.
  • Widen the footpath on the eastern side to allow enough space for the kerb ramps.
  • Add a new pedestrian island between traffic lanes that will also reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and prevent unsafe U-turns.

At both locations road markings and signs will be updated ensuring the crossing is clearly visible to drivers.

Download the original proposal drawing for Kaipatiki Road and Easton Park Parade (PDF 518KB)

Proposal outcome

We have made minor changes to the design based on community feedback. We will add “SLOW” road markings to Kaipatiki Road to help to reduce the approaching speed. We will also investigate if further implementation of physical infrastructure (e.g. active school zone warning signs) will be required to reduce the speed outside the school.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Download the updated drawing for Kaipatiki Road and Easton Park Parade (PDF 1.2MB)

Community feedback

  • Respondents supported the proposal on the grounds that it would improve safety for students and pedestrians.
    Thank you for your feedback, we are pleased you believe our proposal will improve safety for students and pedestrians.
  • Respondents requested additional crossings on Easton Park Parade and outside the school entrance.
    Additional crossing on Easton Park Parade: driving speeds were not observed to be as an issue along Easton Park Parade compared with Kaipatiki Road. The proposed design includes a pedestrian refuge island which tightens up the approach, which should have an impact on speeds on both approach and departures. A raised zebra crossing was considered on the Easton Park approach during the concept stage. However, due to the location of a sump on the western side of the road it would be difficult to implement this at this location. Demand for crossing in this location is also low.
    Additional crossing outside school entrance: based on observations, the most used desire line for crossing (the most comfortable route for a person to walk between two places) at the roundabout is on the eastern approach. A refuge island is already been provided outside the school. Therefore, no additional crossing is being proposed outside the school. We are looking at further investigations of speeding issues in the vicinity of the school.
  • Respondents requested that the footpath is extended between the intersection and the bus stop on Kaipatiki Road.
    There is already a footpath located between the intersection of Easton Park Parade/Kaipatiki Road and the bus stop on Kaipatiki Road.
  • Respondents requested that the vegetation is cut back in the area to increase visibility.
    Vegetation will be trimmed as required to assist with visibility for all road users.
  • Respondents requested that the light phasing is extended at the nearby signals.
    Operation of the traffic signals is managed by Auckland Transport Operations Control (ATOC). Any feedback can be passed to ATOC to respond, however it would be good if more specific information can be provided, such as:
    • Intersection and approach where the issue is.
    • Time of day at which the problem is occurring.

      To report a problem or issue with the signal phasing on a road or intersection, please call us on (09) 355 3553. Our call centre will pass this information on to ATOC to investigate.
  • Respondents requested signage and mirrors to warn drivers of the crossing.
    Advanced warning signage will be included as part of the design as this is mandatory for zebra crossings.  Mirrors are not appropriate in this situation at a crossing facility as the reflection of the mirror can make it difficult for both driver and pedestrian to judge the distance. Therefore, no mirrors are being proposed at this stage. 

Next steps

This work will begin before June 2021, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.