Laurel Oak Dr, Schnapper Rock - Broken yellow lines Laurel Oak Dr, Schnapper Rock - Broken yellow lines

Consultation status: closed 6 June 2018

Proposal reference: BYL-267

We are proposing to install Broken Yellow Lines at the intersection of Laurel Oak Drive and Oakway Drive as well as at the bend of Laurel Oak Drive.

View the consultation drawing for Laurel Oak Drive (PDF 476KB) 

Why the changes are needed

The proposed changes aim to improve driver visibility at the intersection of Oakway Drive and Laurel Oak Drive as well as at the bend outside 24 Laurel Oak Drive.


The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback

  • Respondents are requesting additional Broken Yellow Lines at the south intersection of Laurel Oak Drive and Oakway Drive as cars often park on both sides of the road making it difficult for a single car to gain access. Engineer has been onsite and has not observed cars parking on both sides of the road. However we will monitor the situation and if found necessary Broken Yellow Lines will be extended.
  • Respondent believes that the proposed Broken Yellow Lines won't achieve the purpose of this proposal as they aren’t extensive enough. The respondent argues that more Broken Yellow Lines are required on the bend on Laurel Oak as this is a very narrow point in the road and no cars should be able to park here. An engineer has been onsite to confirm the extent of Broken Yellow Lines required to improve visibility around the bend. We will monitor the situation and extend Broken Yellow Lines if necessary.
  • Respondent believes that there isn’t a visibility problem due to parked cars and would like to have the Broken Yellow Lines at the intersection removed from this proposal. Auckland Transport has received requests from residents to install Broken Yellow Lines at this intersection due to restricted visibility. An Engineer has been onsite and confirmed this issue exists.
  • Respondent believes that speed calming measures should be implemented near the roundabouts on Oakway Drive. The respondent has noted that the utility pole and curb outside their house has been hit a number of times by vehicles which lose control due to their high speed. There is also a park nearby and the respondent believes speed calming measures will improve the safety for children in the area. In July 2018, we will introduce a new programme of works to reduce speed and increase safety on our residential roads. The new Residential Speed Management programme will look at how traffic calming changes on one street might affect the surrounding network of roads. Our aim is to develop traffic calming measures that support drivers to travel at speeds that are appropriate for each street or location.
    We are unable to investigate and respond to this individual request, but we have added these comments to our database to indicate support for safer speeds in this residential area. We will use different criteria to prioritise which locations to address first, including safety risks, traffic speed, land use and concerns raised by residents and their representatives, such as Local Boards. Further information about our new programme, including the residential areas selected for further investigation, will be available on the our website from July 2018.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work between July 2018 and June 2019, subject to further changes in design or funding issues.

Contractors will issue 48-hour notices to all affected residents prior to construction work.